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YouTube Videos on SchoolTube [How To]

From cartoons to educational videos and everything in between, there’s an unlimited supply of great YouTube videos for kids.

On the other hand, there is also a limitless supply of YouTube videos that kids have no business watching — so it’s important to know that is where SchoolTube steps in and creates a safe environment for kids. You can now upload or link YouTube videos to SchoolTube.

A quick tip: YouTube’s Restricted Mode setting only applies to the browser you’re using, not the entire account. So if you turn on Restricted Mode on Google Chrome, you’ll also need to turn it on in Safari and other browsers. How to download YouTube Kids for optimal safety

To go beyond Restricted Mode and create an even safer YouTube experience for your child, you should download the YouTube Kids app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. The app is designed to display only family-friendly content (although it isn’t always perfect).