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Where Does Food Come From? – Finding Stuff Out

In this science video, Zoey explores where we get our food from. I particularly enjoyed this video as I am currently planning my garden. This would be a fun video to watch to introduce the topic of plants and how they grow. (I’d advise watching after lunch, or the sounds of growling stomachs might be distracting.)

You could follow up this video with the classic project of growing plants in little cups. Another variation for more advanced classes would be to add a variable to the experiment. For example, you could use different watering schedules or quantities of water (if you’re really brave quality of water), or different light levels using grow lights and cardboard boxes, or even growing medium (i.e. soil, sand, rocks, water only).

It would be fun for students to journal their daily observations. You could create printable or tech-based journal entries that could double as attendance taking or exit slips. The possibilities are endless! However you choose to utilize this video in your classroom, I’m sure you’re students will love watching other kids explore the topic, rather than a boring adult telling them things.

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