What is the file size limit for my videos?

What is the file size limit for my videos? How many videos can I upload for free? Is there a limit on the length of my videos? 

Recommended File SizeActual File Size LimitVideo Lenght LimitNumber of videos limit
Below 2GB10GBUnlimitedUnlimited

10GB is the official file size limit for videos but we strongly recommend keeping your videos under 2GB. We often hear of users experiencing issues uploading videos higher than 1.5GB because their local internet connection is weak. Most editing software offers a compression option. “save for web” or “save for internet streaming” are common options that essentially mean “make my video’s file size smaller so I can upload it”. 

There is also no limit on the number of videos you can upload or the lenght of your videos. You may upload as many videos as you want and they may be as long as you want, for free. 

We encode all videos at multiple quality levels so we can deliver an optimal playback experience to all users, regardless of their bandwidth. If your school’s bandwidth is low, we may deliver you a non HD version of the video so you don’t have to wait for buffering. If you have a good or great internet connection, you will likely view the video in HD quality.