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What equipment do I need? #SchoolTubeLipDub

If you are intimated by the equipment required to create a lip dub, you have come to the right place! You probably already have everything you need to make an awesome lip dub. It doesn’t matter if your school has a film or broadcast department with the latest and greatest equipment or you are just a single 5 member club. You already have everything you need.


If you have a smartphone you have a camera! Most smartphones made in the last 5 years have a high-quality camera built-in. That is all you really need. Regardless of brand, many professional filmmakers use a smartphone to film entire movies. If it is good enough for film festivals, it is good enough for your lip dub!

Editing Software

Your school may already have access to high-end video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro. It is often bundled with educational software deals that include Acrobat, Photoshop, and more. Premiere Pro is considered the gold standard when it comes to video editing, so if you have access to it, that’s great. It can seem a bit overwhelming to learn, but there are countless tutorials online, including from Adobe themselves.

If you do not have access to Premiere Pro, there are plenty of other free options for editing your video. If you use PC, I recommend Windows Video Editor, or for Mac, iMovie. These are basic video editors that come preinstalled on many devices. They are very easy to use because they are not as complex as Premiere Pro. They are both perfect for beginners. I started out learning on Windows Movie Maker before it became Windows Video Editor and now I use Premiere Pro regularly. I have used iMovie as well and can confirm it is on par with Windows Video Editor.

Lighting and Audio

The good news here is you don’t need anything for lighting and audio. Because the shots are moving and possibly outside, you do not need to worry about lighting too much. The key to good lighting is natural light directed at the subject, or whoever is “singing.” For audio, you will be inserting music as the main audio unless you include a skit or some other recorded segment with sound. In that situation, a phone is again a great option.

Most importantly, remember this does not need to be some elaborate production with a 10 member film crew and craft services. Although, snacks would be nice. This should be fun and engaging for your students. So get out there and show us your school spirit!

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