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What Does STN Mean to you?

When I was in middle school, I struggle with mental health issues. Most days it was a struggle to get out of bed, and not because of poor sleeping habits. I felt I had no reason to live, no passion for anything, and school was pointless. That all changed when the drama teacher asked me to join the drama class. It was a class much like what STN (Student Television Network) is today. I learned I loved the art of telling a story visually. I went from hating school, to counting down the time until drama class.

STN is designed for high school and middle school students to inspire a love for storytelling through video production, broadcast journalism, filmmaking, media, writing, and digital yearbook. It encourages student creativity through contests with feedback from professionals in the field. They offer a vault of online videos and learning resources so students can continually improve their skills. They have a yearly conference that allows students to network with like-minded students and industry professionals with a similar passion for production.

STN is not just for students, they offer tons of support for educators too! From resources to training, and even study guides, STN can help teachers achieve more within their classrooms. They provide complete lesson plans and standards to guide your curriculum development. They offer a support system so teachers can share and discuss ideas. You can access tons of online video training complete with study guides and quizzes. Not only does STN offer the prestigious Student of the Year Award, but they also present a Teacher of the Year Award honoring the life-changing work of a teacher in this field. At least, my drama teacher was life-changing, if not life-saving. Thank you, Mrs. Santa.

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