Using Google Classroom to Sign-On to SchoolTube

Once your school or district IT administrators complete a Google Classroom Single Sign-On Integration with SchoolTube, administrators, staff, and students will be able to create their FREE* video hosting and sharing accounts on SchoolTube.  

Creating Your FREE* SchoolTube Account:  Initial Login

Go to this link:  

  • Select Login in the upper right, then select Login from that dropdown menu.
  • A stack of sign-on options will appear. Select Sign-On with Google Classroom.
  • Check the box at the bottom –  Remember My Selection  – to skip the stack page going forward.
  • Enter your Google Classroom credentials and follow the remaining prompts.

Once you are logged in, you will see your User Name in the upper right, it may look like this rml~123 or it may be your Google Classroom username. 

Videos and other uploading/recording is done under the ADD NEW link and your video and channel files will be found in the dropdown menu under your username. 

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