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Top Most Influential Women in History

The female human genus. The woman is different from the man anatomical. The biggest difference is in genitalia. Another difference is that the brain of a woman weighs 1250 grams and 1350 grams man’s. Even the bones of women are more sensitive, more small skulls and muscles less robust. HISTORY Minoan era. The main feature of this period is the great freedom of women. Took part in events such as bull fighting. Generally a woman of that period had developed personality, independent living and equality with men.

Classical period. In ancient Greece woman’s position differed from city to city. In Athens and in the Ionian cities ,woman considered lower than a man, in the service of her husband. Contrary to Sparta prevailed equality between men and women. Studying, exercising, trained since childhood with boys, moved freely in society on equal terms. Roman era. With the evolution of the institution of marriage ,woman have rights on the property and gain the right to seek and receive divorce. In times of the Roman Empire women associated with civilian men, played an important role in the political arena. Christian years. With the establishment of Christianity, women have lost their freedoms. Although Christianity preaches the unity of its people, teaches that a woman should should the man as her master and fear him. In this era is beginning and the oppression of women, Modern Era. Currently, it was the beginning to change the status of women. Get out from home to work, had created personal relationships, came into contact with major social problems and gain economic independence. Result was the feminist movement in the mid-19th century, with the principal claim equality between men and women. In the late 19 th century was backed up by socialist parties. In the early 20th century, won the women’s demands for equal political rights. Also, women could study at university.