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Top 5 Apps to Make Virtual Lessons Interactive

In this video, Evgenii Permiakov provides 5 apps you can use to help engage students while learning online. These tools can be used with Zoom, Google Meet, or any other video conferencing program.


This app allows teachers to create open-ended questions for students to respond to. The answers creat visually interesting results. He gives some great examples of what this would look like in zoom for both you and your students.

Online Stopwatch

This simple tool is perfect for setting time expectations. You can use this visual countdown or timer to segment your lessons cleanly. You can have your students do a specific task for the time allotment on this stopwatch. Displaying the timer helps keep the whole class on task. There are lots of options to pick from.


Tired of waiting for students to volunteer to speak, or do feel like you calling on students may not be as random as you’d like? This app takes all the pressure off. It will randomize the students for you! It displays a random student’s name. This can help keep students paying attention and free up time waiting for someone to volunteer. This only works on PC. Classroomscreen is a good alternative for Mac users.


This is a fun quiz app that allows students to compete with others for the high score. It also provides you, the teacher stats on how each student is performing and how the class is performing as a whole. We all love ways to collect data!

PowerPoint Games

This is probably something you might have used in the past. However, it is still a good tool. Sometimes the older more simple techniques can provide just as much engagement as the cool new stuff.

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