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The Social & Emotional Learning Song

The Social & Emotional Learning Song can help to introduce and  reinforce social and emotional intelligence for kids. Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills such as identifying and managing emotions, showing empathy for others, and making responsible decisions are important for relationships and success in school, work, and life.

Scratch Garden’s Social & Emotional Learning Video introduces many social-emotional development skills, such as introducing yourself, looking others in the eye, giving personal space, sharing, taking turns, identifying and managing emotions, and reacting in positive ways to intense emotions.  These are skills all children need to be taught.  We’ve provided lyrics below the video for your convenience. 


When I see someone I can say “Hi!”

And when I talk to them I look them in the eye

If I don’t know them then I might introduce me

And say my name clearly so they understand me

When I play with others I don’t scream or shout

And everybody gets a turn so they’re not left out

It’s your turn on the slide, this is how we share

Use the playground together, this is how we play fair

When I am near others I respect their personal space

This means I am not super close to their face I can pretend everyone is inside of a bubble

And I stay out of their bubble to stay out of trouble

If I am angry or excited I might lose control I have to think about my feelings, that is

the goal. To calm down I can count or go out for a walk

Or draw, or write, or talk to an adult

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