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The Simple Machines Song

This fun science song for kids uses catchy music and funny characters to show and explain simple machines in action. You are never too young to start learning science and engineering basics! This video shows many simple machine examples, including the wheel and axle, inclined plane, lever, pulley, wedge, and screw. And it ends with a cow party. Most videos should end with a cow party. Check out the lyrics below the video.


A long time ago Even before phones with computer screens
People had to solve all kinds of problems So they invented Simple Machines!
How to move things from place to place This kind of problem is a pretty big deal
Do you have a stick and something round?
Oh hey, it’s an axle that moves around a wheel!
How to get from low to high This kind of problem is hurting your brain
Can you make a ramp that is on a slant?
Oh hey, it’s an inclined plane!
How to lift something off the ground You can do it I’ll make you a believer
Get a fulcrum that stays and a bar that moves Put them together and hey!
It’s a lever!
How to move something really high Higher than your head, no it’s not silly
You will need a rope and a wheel Put them together and hey!
It’s a pulley!
How to break something apart You will need a tool with a sharp edge
Look at these two inclined planes Add some force and hey!
It’s a wedge!
How to hold something in place This is a job you might need to do
Take this metal shaft, with spiral threads Turn it round and round, and hey!
It’s a screw!
A long long time ago, And even today, and all the time that’s
in between People have to solve all kinds of problems
So we use Simple Machines!

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