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The Hula-Hoopin’ Queen read by Oprah Winfrey

The Hula-Hoopin’ Queen is written by Thelma Lynne Godin, illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton and read by Oprah Winfrey. Kameeka is confident that today she will finally beat her rival, Jamara, and become the Hula-Hoopin’ Queen of 139th Street. But then Mama reminds her that today is their neighbor Miz Adeline’s birthday, and Kameeka has a ton of chores to do to get ready for the party they are hosting. Kameeka’s disappointed to be stuck at home and can only think about the hoopin’ competition. Distracted, Kameeka accidentally ruins Miz Adeline’s birthday cake, and has to confess to her that there won’t be a cake for her special day. But then Miz Adeline’s confesses something too: she’s also got the itch—the hula-hoopin’ itch! Her fingers start snappin’. Her hips start swingin’. Soon everyone’s hips are swinging as the party spills out onto the street. The whole neighborhood’s got the itch—the hula-hoopin’ itch! With vibrant illustrations by Vanessa Brantley-Newton, The Hula-Hoopin’ Queen is a charming celebration of family and community ties.


Welcome to Storyline online brought to you by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation. I’m Oprah Winfrey, and today I’m going to be reading the hula hooping queen written by fell Merlin go down and illustrated by the nasa Brantley Newton. Today’s day I’m going to be GMR Johnson at who’ve been, then I’ll be the hula hoop and queen of a 100 39th street. Gemara says she’s going to be the queen forever. But last week almost beat her. I thought do my hopes. And then I pick out my favorite. And then I feel it. Comment on the edge. The hula hoop it. If my fingers stuck, snap in and my feet psych tap in, my hips, start swing in. And I’m just Region 4. Hope with lava says, girl, don’t you even think about it? You know, today is Ms. Adam leans birthday than he washes up over me and us. Take my foot. Don’t get me wrong. I love Miss Adelie. She lives right next door. This add a link to care mom when she was little. And then she took care of me tube. She’s like my very own grandma. I burst out. I can help with MS. Linked party. I’m supposed to meet Maria. Today’s the day. Mama stands, steel is water in a puddle. She gives me her look and then she hands me a boom as psi loudly. Then I start sweeping. Or when mom is not watch and push my favorite move a little closer to the door with my toe. Mom and dust every room and scrub down the floors. We polish each window. We can see clear to New Jersey at that appear potatoes, while mama starts mix it up, a special double fudge chocolate cake can make. I said that oven to 350 degrees. Mama says, as she empties the last the sugar into the mixing bowl and add sugar to the grocery miss will push the button on the oven and I look out the window, It’s already getting late. I pitch of Mars. Tell everybody, I’m too scared. Hooper. While the cake bakes, we make up plates of fancy sandwiches. Then Mama slices strawberries and shows me how to make whipped cream. When the timer rings, mama opens the oven, come maker, Mama Yale. So she checks the oven temperature. You only set it to 250 degrees. This ADL leads birthday cake, looks like someone sat on it. Mama says we’ll have to start over. Mama sends me to the store to buy more sugar on my way out the door, grab who? Like I usually do. When I get outside. I remember that I’m on a mission midsagittal. Each party will be starting in a couple of hours. Mom has to pinch potato salad and we still have to make another cake. I don’t even tore him, I hope is a hurry down the street. Don’t stop to blow kisses to Ms. Evelyn or way domestic John in the bakery. I’m coming out of the store when I see John Mara and Porsche open on the corner of a 139th and Broadway. We thought you weren’t comic Omega says Gemara with a smirk. I need to get the sugar back to mom about your marr sounds so smug. I can’t stand it. Where you felt wrong. I tell him. You ready. She as I was born ready. And then I feel that come in the itch to hula hooping it. Whoever hoops and longus is the winner. Portia says, as soon as she shout, go, my fingers start snapping. Am a feedstock tab bed. My hips, swing it and I just now I’m going to be GMR today. Neighborhood kids crowd around as drummer and I hope cars honk and slow down. Trucks, war pass up heat and dust when the pavement swish, swish. Gemacht frowns. You’ve been practicing some. She says, That’s right, girl. A grand greater than the Brooklyn Bridge stretches across my face. Sun moves between the buildings and the sidewalk, starts cooling down like your mRNA gave on hoping. I got donuts them is add Land Party. Mr. John Paul’s out as he closes up the bakery. Swish, swish, swish wiggle is add a link to take. I shout, my hoop clattered through the sidewalk. I grab it and sugar and raise up the block. I can hear Gemara Just laugh and behind me. By the time I reach our apartment, mama is madder than a horn. It come ICA Hayes, she scolds. I’m sorry, mama. I saw jam on girl. I don’t want to hear that hoop and nonsense. It’s too late now, this Adam leans already here. You take your cell phone into the living room and explain them is Adelie why she won’t have a cake for her birthday. Miss out a lean, brought her own music and she’s got it turned out, she sit in and she’s listening to a jazz blues tune. She not like a spring rather looking for a word. Hyman, sadly, and I say, happy birthday, gamete, come here baby. Give me a kiss. So I come in close and I kiss mishandled, leans, solve cheek. And then our whispering her ear, shootout really like much. You baby girl. You know, I sure do love cake. Chocolate cake with strawberries in real whip cream on top. Pats my aunt. Oh yes, that’s my favorite cake. The saddling smiles at me. I try to smile back, but my heart is racing as fast as the roller coaster at Coney Island. I can’t tell her about the cake just yet. Pretty soon the neighbor start arriving. Everyone’s wearing her Sunday church hat. And Mr. Johns all spruced up in a pinstripe suit, Tamar and pushes sachet. And with their parents, there’s still carrying their hoops of earlier today. Girls. I don’t want to see any hoops, says Mom and firmly to drummer and portion. Okay. Ms. A’s says Gemara sheep flesh. It’s a big smirk and smile at me. Communica you about done with who’d been after his day argued a smile right back out or don’t you bet on a Gemara? Most of the presence are still on open when Ms. Adeline says, Well, I do believe it’s time for birthday cake. I swallow hard. Miss, at a lean, I say slowly. We made a Haig, but it didn’t turn out right. Then we needed more sugar to make another one, but I didn’t get the sugar back to mom and time cuz I was hoping I was trying to be Jabbar so I could be the hoop and queen of a 139th street. It’s my fault there isn’t any cake. No cake says because Adelie raised in her eyebrows, I look over at drummer. She’s spinning when Mr. Johns donuts round and round on a finger. Hello. Suddenly, that gives me an idea. I’ll be right back. I yell as I waste from the room. In the kitchen. I said a chocolate doughnut on a pretty late. I add whip cream and strawberries. Mama comes in to help. I’ll put a candle on top and she likes it. As I carry that doughnut cake dummy, saddling, mama, start singing, happy birthday. Everyone joins in. The candle glows as bright as the smile on this Adeline space, y. This is just about perfect, as Adeline says, taking a bite of her donut birthday cake. Now can make it to just say you were hooping. Well, when I was a girl, I was the best hula hoop on this block. Adelie, don’t you start that knot sits. This. Evelyn says, she marches on over to us. You know, their whale was the best. Miss at a lean. Looks at me. Girl. Why don’t you bring some hoops own in here? And let me show this old girl what she forgot. My eyes. Fine, mama’s she shakes her head, but Miss Adeline already pushing back chairs and make room, then she slips a hoop over her head. And right. Then I know Miss add leaves, just like me. She’s got a hula hoop in it, or think it starts snap it and upbeat, start tapping. Our hip, starts to swing it. And before we know it, that hope is Shin right around this Adeline waste and then she’s got it swaying and around her neck. My glance over at Mama, and I see a smile pull in at her lips. Inspite of herself. Is Adelie shimmies the hoop down past her knees. She spins it around her ankle as she hops on one foot, then the other, with the hoop still round and around is add a lead heads above the door. Miss Evelyn grabs one of my hopes, and Mr. John grabs another. Even mama’s hips, swing it as whole party spills out onto the street. Everybody’s got the pitch, the hula hoop and pitch. Pretty soon. Hoops are swishing and swing it way down the black omega. This is the best birthday party I have ever had is Adeline haulers, GMR hoops on over to me. She says, I know who the real hoop and clean 139 Street is. I do too. I say GMR settles her. Who? Around her waist? Ready? Omega. I was born ready. I say, the sidewalk is cool, live in a spring rain and the street lights shine like stars. Swish, swish, swish. The end. Well, the reason I wanted to read this story to you all is because I love hula hoop so much and it was one of my favorite things to play with when I was a girl. And even now as a full fully full grown adult, my own hula hoop. I have actually several hula hoops. And I have an emoji that is an avatar of myself with a hula hoop. And whenever anything fun or special or really fantastic happens in my life, I go out and I get my hula hoops and I swish. Swish. Thanks for watching Storyline online. Boom. (As provided by SchoolTube video transcript.)

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