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The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake read by Wanda Sykes

The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake is written by Robin Newman, illustrated by Deborah Zemke and read by Wanda Sykes. When crime happens, especially when food goes missing on Ed’s farm, Wilcox and Griswold, mouse crime fighters and food detectives, are the animals to call. When Miss Rabbit’s carrot cake goes missing, they do what it takes to track down the thieves.


Welcome to Storyline online, brought to you by the set up for foundation. I want the sides and today I’m going to be reading the case of the missing hurricane, written by Robert Newman and illustrated by their present boys and girls. This cases about these on S bar, the names have been changed to protect the good of 100 animals live on this farm for some horse around other STI. That’s where I come in. My name is detected Wilcox and I’m a policeman. Bond is Captain wall. We’re MFIs, missing food investigators. It’s our job to investigate cases of missing food. Whatever the food, whatever the crime we make the bad guys. Time. It was ten and you want the more the cap to the night we’re working the day shift when we got our first call. Chapter one, case file number 11, 13, the missing carrot cake, sitting in headquarters. Wilcox here. Headquarters. Hello, Ms. How can I help you? I asked, my job is gone. What Kate Gaia, the kid, that big part, it’s a borrow stay calm man. Will be right there. I said, Captain, we’ve got a co-twin, a missing cake, grams and cheese donuts for the row and one column. We headed north the pig pen, straight to this rabbits all traffic with light. Only a couple chicken cross the road to the pricing 1015, again, home of misread. Your pocket, front of this rabbit hole. We didn’t see anyone with a peer of vote. Miss Rabbit slid down the rabbit hole and landed in the kitchen. Okay. Prompt care across the board every week on the tape on the floor at all but misread. Protective will pop, ma’am, Captain Griswold, MFIs, I said, bless you my badge. Can you tell us what happened? Hold up my hand and no pay note-taking is essential for any MFI. I picked a cake for my part it tomorrow sit Miss Rabbit. And now it’s gone. What kind of cake, Diane? A carrot cake with cream cheese mostly. I wondered. Which animal, like care and King. Where was the cake? I asked right here on the kitchen table. I left it to 0. And when I came back, there was a big mess and no cake. Misread it suck. Kept in hand and neuro Hey, thank you. Miss Rabbit. Where did all this happen? I am probably between eight and 10 this morning. And it Guess who might have done this? I probe. I noticed it was my fault and off her pajamas, whiskers and note she clearly HetNet time for knowing they will miss Rabbit. Curb up an idea, the cap and point it to the window. And the fowl of the owl was reading the newspaper and our maple tree. Everyone on the font, moving tower and my grandma, she liked them for breakfast. She liked them for lunch. She loved them for dinner. This battle of come around here IS mess with me. I have a black belt when he said Miss Rabbit, top of her hind legs. And ma’am, did you invite to the part Pacinian hotdog? Don’t think either of them is the thief. Do you? Too soon to tell a snapshot? The cover of mountain okay. Cap and check the doors, the windows. There was no sign of a freak. It could it be an inside job? Does anyone have a key to your rabbit hole? I asked Miss Rabbit, shook her head, sending crumbs and frosting. Find one last question. Where were you when the cake was taking? Taking a nap. Nap. Such an odd thing for a buddy to do. A taped off the pricing captain print photos. This case was going to be a heart that to correct. A hard nut in. Chapter three, suspects includes 11. Fowler’s maple tree. Suspect said peaking her head out of her pole, but bringing tasty treats to my try investigating a case asset, holding up my band, detective Wilcox, a cap and Griswold, MFIs. Where were you between eight and 10 this morning? I was chasing a mouse. Do you have any witnesses? If someone had seen her, she’d have an alibi. Was one. But I gave him the captains shatter his Don’t mess with this mouse. Look at shattered mine. You know, what’s 30 years behind bars if you eat an office on this farm, I’ll warn, you don’t want to be a jail bird. Now, do you know besides like my meals Tinder. Everyone knows him if eyes aren’t too hard boiled to make good eats. At, chose to ignore that last comment. The captain glared at her with his I’ll show you who’s hard-boiled. Look, your tree faces, miss rabbits, hope. Have you seen anyone com or goal from his rabbits in the last four hours? Just Miss Rabbit. Two of you, what’s this all about anyway? Asked Fowler, a cake asset, a rabbit. Kate asked Bauer, I love rabbit K, especially with mouse frosting. I scowl. Know a carrot cake. I don’t know anything about a missing carrot cake, flour, fluffy feathers, all innocent life. I didn’t say it was missing that were filed that battling. Tell us what you know. I pulled out my trusty notepad again. Or if you prefer, we can finish this top down at the stage. Fowler frown. She gave me the scoop. Rabid dog, right? A carrot cake like this, and I could smell that awful thing all the way up. And then she took a walk in her pajamas and her pajamas. I asked next. Where does she go? Towards Puccini’s? Not a tunnel telling pair. But if you ask me, that’s Nikki. Poor perpetuity is your faith. Yet the snip out of bread, crumb on the bow and yield anything to even vegetables. Thanks for the tip. Pocketed my notepad, adult fly out of town at the time. So the captain now let’s stop or change. Frankly, this case was movement slower than the last, lower than molasses. 11 a M, which you need to pick. Suspect Number two. They are Cheney, a Yale. As we arrived at the pin, detective Wilcox and kept in Graz wall here, MFIs on a case. The captain waved his bath in front of leucine snap. What what do you do in between to end this morning, I asked was worse than not between meals like I always do when this rabbit stop by, Puccini sniff around the squat, calm. He must have smells, achieve. The captain push the pig away at flashed and one of his top escalators. When was this exactly I asked. I’m not sure. Maybe around nine, whichever you want. Next, slide, slurp it up, banana peels on his way. And what this strangely enough, she didn’t say she was acting like a 40 body funny ha-ha. Or funny yacht. I asked. You didn’t say a word, not even a beep. When I asked if she wanted a nice cup of slop as she was still wearing pajamas. So on a walker back home like the polite pig guy. And is that when you took the cake, I asked for Cheney’s cheeks, turn the color of a red hot chili pepper. I bake the cake as the best corn deep and tail, but serves. I am not a common cake thief. All right. And the captain handed me Puccini’s rap sheet. That’s a record up a restful you not cups. It was a mile-long for corn robberies, but he had no cake prior. Seems like you’ve spent some time in the pin. I said poking his reaction to give me a clue. Target the pair. I did my time and now I’m pleased at the hot dog ate the cake. That slop renowned as a sweet to me that sounds like the hot calling the kettle black. Mind. If we have a look around, go right. I have nothing to hide. Kept it an outdated throughput changes, muddy pit. What a pig sty asset will never find anything here. Captain twitch, because whiskers or not it Let’s hope hot dog has some answers that said that his place isn’t as truth to tell. This case, we’re inching along slower than ketchup out of a bottle. Much slower in the 12 clear dirt road leading to hotdogs helps get the cash out. There’s something up ahead. The cap and grabs magnifying glass and tweezers. He picked up the object, a carrot and I said, I ran back to the squad car to get the crime scene photos. This carrot batches, the ones we founded, this rabbits kitchen. We’re on to something the captain twitch to still spiritually he point. But now the carrot, I picked it up and right by the front door, the cap and found two more. Looks like hot dogs, got himself a little bit of a pickle less than a pixel in the live pm dark half. Suspect number 3. Not that kept and ramped on the door. Well, for them, I got called out door open, slowly, shown did mount we detective Wilcox and get bigger as well here on out. Is that carrot cake I smell else, anything? Doll. That was a pretty incredible plane. He was surprisingly cool as a cucumber cap and tapped me on the show. She pointed to the flour, eggs, milk, but no carrots and dog biscuits on the kitchen table. What’s all that I ask? Breakfast, looks like cake ingredients to me. I said, if you don’t build the biggest, now, we’re going to finish this top-down at the stake. The captain flashed his urine water now and look. All right. I admit it. I think that what I did take the k hat dotted system. What do you mean? Give us the back that just affect pull. Definitely no pain. I did golf, did this brevis, but all and to see if she needed help setting up more clarity, what happened? I don’t I knocked on the door. Nobody asked that, so I picked in the window and as well, yes. I’ll take care of frost everywhere on the table on the floor. And all I wanted was rabbits bathrobe, which was right in the middle of the list. Now that I’ve thought about it, I just like an apron that a plant row. And then what happened? I started taking notes. I heard someone coming and the captain made his desk this year story. I’ve heard things. What’s honor hacked up which says that bell so bad that was thought I decide to Baker on not only kept in dollars to doughnuts. Tell them that. Look at these prints from the crime scene, the thickness, hi hat golf ball, and why he couldn’t be the t. With no more suspects. This investigation was scraping the bottom of the apple bear thing. They think the captain and I started to paste 123 steps forward. 123 steps. I grabbed the donut from my pack. Chief don’t always helped me thing. And sure enough, that’s when it hit me. Hopefully could normally kept and I’ve got a plain hotdog, will need your cake. With some luck. Maybe we’ll catch OK, the redhead or fostering handed as the case may be Chapter 4, video surveillance and stake out 12:30 PM. Fowler’s maple tree. We setup to video surveillance camera. One on top of Fowler’s tree, they say Mrs. rabbits front door and another inside this rabbits kitchen facing hat dot k. Then we wait and wait and wait. The smell of carrot cake drifted across five. Pascal is maple tree. But Cheney’s pit and hot dogs. Power hour is clearly Nanak, the whisper to the cap. Just then Cheney and hotdog showed up like two peas and upon any investigation as hot dog setting, if they had, but they shouted Fowler from the tree above. Whoever that they face. He’s very good leucine observe. She found with the captain looked at his watch, tick tock, tick tock. Two hours have gone by. Nothing. Three hours, four hours, five hours. Still. A clock tick. They turned to night and night today with Jamie hacked off the camera. And that will pack didn’t like sardines and he fell asleep at the balanced tree. Everybody snort, everybody’s stomach rumble. Nothing else happened. I was beginning to think maybe our Guth was cool. Cook, well done. And D, Chapter 5, the morning starts 9AM. Pull of misread. This rabbit is gone. Hopefully guacamole rabbits in trouble. I shall, we all watched over, slid down the radical prompts, caring and frosting were everywhere on the floor or the table, it all over. Miss when are you all right. I misread it. Did you see that the fire She shook her head, flinging out prompts. Puccini hurried over to look them up. The captain pointed to the video cam. Good thing we add the two video takes us a valid vote had to take from a tree and we watched it first. It show Puccini hot dog, the captain and me all rushing into the house. Fast, misread it. Whitening cream cheese off of her pajamas, whiskers and know, maybe there’s a problem with this camera set. Let’s look at the second misread that you may want to sit down. The room was site There’s nothing. August, take pride in Miss Rabbit. Patient still rolling us. When the tape picked up the presence of a shadow. Green which Me neither rod hot dog. Who did Fowler, why they’re shouting, kept a shot everyone his or else low. And then the blurry image of a figure appeared. Is it over screed, which AT Grant hot dog food it Fowler such as shout the captain glare his Be quiet. The fingers slowly came into focus. The pajamas? No. And the E Miss Rabbit. Quiet everyone. Rabid whale. Right? You were sleep walking. I explained a great corn dogs sleeping, eating to squeal, which AT did not think that eating all day. What could be better? I’m sorry. The trouble I misread it was be read from embarrassment. No problem. I assured her. That’s what we’re here for. Then I guess I had to cancel. My Florida says there’s no j. Actually. There is no I’d never bake just one. Chapter six, the long awaited part 4 PM, home of misprint. Having all my friends gathered together, I think the case that the thread, your artwork, our pleasure. This case was a piece of cake. After all, put away my notepad that kept his mouth is easy as pie face. Thank you for your beautiful okay. Miss Rabbit. Anytime said hat Da, getting misread them, her. Now let’s see. I’m hungry as the wolf to all the great Puccini. Miss Rabbit nibbled a piece. This cake is quenching. Quenching your dataset. Done, it smells good, valid. The cap is sharp so loudly he was speechless. Or Cheney finished one slice, started on or not. Is carrot cake always so quantity I asked my secret ingredient, biscuits. Everyone stop beating us up what Cheney and hot dogs. They finished. Every last. Leash is pronounced but shading. Now, that’s how you make the cake disappear. Hat adults mild. 5pm, pace, boys and girls. The case we’ve just read was about these on its thumb. Everyday foods, those missing from the farm. Sometimes this loss, sometimes it’s still, sometime it just runs away. With all these animals. You can be sure of one thing. Trouble is short to hedge. These are the cases for MFI. Whatever the flu, whatever the crime, and minimize the bad guys do the time. I chose this book because I love primes boys. In these detective, they did not give up. And also the animals, they all work together to solve the problem. And most of all, I love cake. Thank you for watching Storyline online. Make sure you check out all of our other stores. Keep watching and keep reading. Good. (As provided by SchoolTube video transcript.)

Standards Alignment

Suggested Grade Level: 2nd – 3 rd

The standards listed below are for second and third grades but can be adapted to fourth grade standards.

CCSS.SL.2.1, CCSS.SL.3.1, CCSS.SL.2.2, CCSS.SL.3.2, CCSS.RL.2.2, CCSS.RL.2.3, CCSS.RL.2.5, CCSS.RL.3.2, CCSS.RL.3.3, CCSS.RL.3.5, CCSS.RL.2.1, CCSS.RL.3.1, CCSS.W.2.3, and CCSS.W.3.3

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