The Busy Life of Ernestine Buckmeister read by Connie Britton

The Busy Life of Ernestine Buckmeister is written by Linda Ravin Lodding, illustrated by Suzanne Beaky, and read by Connie Britton. Ernestine is in over her head. Monday through Sunday, Ernestine’s week is packed with after-school lessons—tuba, knitting, sculpting, water ballet, yoga, yodeling, and karate. Overwhelmed and exhausted, Ernestine decides to take matters into her own hands and heads off to the park with her Nanny where she builds a fort, watches the clouds, and plays all kinds of unstructured and imaginative games. But when a teacher calls Ernestine’s mom to report that she has not shown up for yodeling, her parents search everywhere until at last, they hear their daughter’s laughter coming from the park. Ernestine tells her parents what a wonderful afternoon she’s had, and explains her plight, asking, “I like my lessons, but can’t I stop some of them?” This saga hilariously captures the dilemma of the modern-day over-scheduled child in riotous color and absurd extremes. A delightful heroine, Ernestine will be sure to put “play” back on everyone’s agenda, demonstrating that in today’s overscheduled world, everyone needs the joy of play and the simple wonders of childhood.


Welcome to Storyline online brought to you by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation. I’m Connie Britton and today I’m going to be reading you busy life of Ernestine back Meister, written by Linda rather than loading and illustrated by Suzanne BK. Each morning while Ernestine ate breakfast and nanny oh, dear, prepared lunch. Ernestine, his father zoomed out to work hard to live life to the fullest earn. And each morning, Ernestine mothers zipped out to catch the bus and said, make every moment count. And each morning you go from next door asked Ernestine, do you want to play after school? But Ernestine and never had time because her busy, well-meaning parents had hacked or after school schedule. On Mondays. She sculpted with clay lump get on Tuesdays. She did water ballet with Miss Gold fissure. On Wednesdays, she knitted with Mrs. Pearl, stitch them. On Thursdays. She took the lessons with Mr. Oocha. On Fridays, she yelled old with little old lady who on Saturdays, she studied carotid with grandmaster high, yeah. And on Sundays she practiced yoga with guru Prakash pretzel. Thank goodness the buck Misters had nanny, oh, dear, to help Ernestine stay on schedule. Nanny may sure. Ernestine got to all her classes, but sometimes they were so busy. Things got confused. Mrs. Buck Meister dashed home from work late one night. They noticed that Ernestine looked pale. Maybe she needs some face painting lessons, said Mr. Meister. Nanny, oh, dear. Just said, Oh dear. On our way to lessons each day, Ernestine slowed down long enough to watch you go play in his yard. He flip-flopped on his trampling, giddy up like a cowboy and bounced his bomb. One afternoon, Hugo shouted, look out as his ball sailed over the fence and landed in Ernestine, tuba. Ernestine bounced the ball to nanny and squealed, bouncy. Oh, dear said nanny, it’s time for tuba. Ernestine side and pass the ball back to Hugo. That night, Ernestine practiced yoga in bed. She inhaled and stared at her busy schedule. She exhaled and thought about Hugo and how he got to flip-flopping and Gideon and balance. Then Ernestine had an idea. In the next afternoon, Ernestine announced, today, I scheduled something new. But you have yodeling said nanny, it’s written on my Have you seen my calendar? And where’s my fell? Oh, dear. Artist in giddy up to cross the yard to the park as Dean painted nanny now will be late for yodeling or isn’t knitting. Ernestine reached the Hilltop and flopped onto the grass, pulling nanny down with her. Oh dear muttered nanny. Look Ernestine saying, nanny stucked, huffing and noticed the valley below. My view is unfortunately that clouds looks like a pineapple set Ernestine know a bunch or whipped cream suggested nanny. Before long, they were imagining that they were tiny bugs and the world was huge. Then they were pioneers building a twig for it. And nanny showed Ernestine how to make a daisy crown. Meanwhile, little old lady who called Mrs. buck Meister to report that Ernestine had missed yodeling. Mrs. back mice are called Mr. Meister. It’s not like Ernestine to get off schedule. No, she’s with nanny, but where could they be? They tried to call nanny. Oh, dear, but she didn’t hear the font. So the buck Meister set out to find their daughter. Have you seen Ernestine the back moisture is asked at getting class Mrs. stitch and replied without dropping a stitch, one URL to sorry, I can’t help you. They dashed to karate. Hagar called the Bacchic mysteries. Is Ernestine here? Grandmaster high? Yeah. Answered no. With the flying twist. Needy, she’s at water ballet quad, Mrs. five Meister. Or a theme here. Well, the buck Meister zoomed to clay lump going studio. There were lots of children sculpting, but no Ernestine. They rushed to yoga. Sri honest here they whispered, guru Prakash pretzel was meditating and all he said was wondering Mr. Buck moisture sentences, Hofmeister, Parr, she must be a tuba. Have you seen, as Dean, mrs. Bug Meister yelled over the blaring horns. Mr. own pod didn’t hear a word. By the time they looked everywhere, the buck masters were dazzled and frazzled. This is what poor Ernestine does every week. Mrs. buck Meister painted. No wonder she always looks so pale. Added MR. buck Meister. Then, often a distance, they heard bubbles of laughter. The buck moistures trudged up the hill. And there was Ernestine, her cheeks as rosy as apples. Ernestine, marigold, buck Meister called Mrs. buck Meister. Where have you been? Oh, dear or nanny stuttered. Well, you see we were right here. Ernestine squealed. It was my idea. We saw pictures in the clouds and roll down the hill and pretended we were bugs. And then I was a princess and I want to do it again. The Bacchic mysteries were stunned. I like taking lessons, but can I stop some of them pleated Ernestine. But how will you live life to the fullest without sculpting and swimming? Asked Mr. Buck Meister, right, Mrs. Back Meister agreed. And how will you make every moment? And without yoga and yodeling like this, Ernestine said, everyone inhaled. Then they exhaled. My view is heavenly, said Mrs. Buck Meister. Since that day, Mrs. buck Meister bikes to and from work and has taken up gardening. Mr. buck Meister tries to get home early once a week to build a tree house. And nanny, oh, dear, has discovered the joy of flying kites. As for Ernestine, some afternoons practices karate with Hugo. And sometimes she plays the tobacco, and sometimes she just plays the end. I love this book. I love reading almost as much as I love playing. And you know, I think that the two are very closely related. Because when you play and you really get to play and be creative, that storytelling. And next time you’re playing and outside and just letting your imagination run wild. Imagine if you wrote some of those ideas down, you would be creating a story. And that’s why reading is so much fun. Because the sky is the limit in terms of the stories that you can tell and the things that you can read. Thank you for watching Storyline online. Make sure to check out all of our stories. Keep watching and keep reading. Good. (As provided by SchoolTube video transcript)

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