Thanksgiving Music Playlist [2 Hours]

Add These Thanksgiving Songs to Your Turkey Day Playlist

Between planning a meal with the best Thanksgiving recipes, entertaining guests, and everything in-between, Thanksgiving can come with a lot of stress—especially if you’re the host. The best way to combat the pressure? With some soothing Thanksgiving songs, of course!

If you feel like your to-do list is seemingly endless before Thanksgiving, you’re not alone. A holiday centered around lots of recipes means the food needs to be incredible, with a roasted turkey and plenty of Thanksgiving sides dishes, like sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes. And don t forget to make enough Thanksgiving pies for dessert we suggest pumpkin and pecan pie. If you’re beginning to feel somewhat anxious in the kitchen as you prep all of the dishes, read these Thanksgiving quotes or put on our Thanksgiving playlist to give you a peaceful ambiance and help you unwind.

This list of Thanksgiving songs is filled with some of our favorite country artists, including Johnny Cash, Kelly Clarkson, Dolly Parton, and Martina McBride. Not a fan of the classic country songs? James Brown and Natalie Cole made the list too! You ll enjoy these tunes about food, family, and gratitude—because that s what Thanksgiving is all about! When things start to get crazy on Turkey Day, simply press play and enjoy singing and dancing along to these songs with your friends and family.

Turkey for me, turkey for you. Let s eat turkey in a big brown shoe. This SNL classic by Adam Sandler is a must-listen on Thanksgiving.

The lyrics in this song will have you feeling grateful. We especially love the line, Thanks for our health. Thanks for our hearth.

Okay, okay, so this one isn’t technically about Thanksgiving, but it does contain the word pumpkin.

A catchy song you’ll for sure be singing while kneading your grandmother s famous pie crust recipe.

Turn this one all the way up as you’re preparing Thanksgiving dinner. It s a mellow track that’ll take off a little bit of the stress.

You may be in a big city or driving down a country lane for your family s Thanksgiving dinner. This peppy song is a great reminder to always be thankful!

Let Johnny say grace this year. This track is also known as I m Thanking the Lord He Made You.

This track will remind you to count your blessings. After all, there s someone who would be grateful to have what you do.

Everyone will be moving and grooving to this track. In fact, it might be the only type of moving you do all day!

Dolly Parton turned a real-life experience about being proud and thankful for what you have into a heartwarming hit.

It may appear on their Christmas Collection album, but the Carpenters song suits Thanksgiving just as well.

The Man in Black belts out a simple song about building a life in Tennessee and homemade apple pie gets a mention.

When Carole King sings of sweet seasons, she means so much more than winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Don t forget to include a few Thanksgiving songs for children. Preschoolers and kindergarteners will appreciate this pick.

The song from Broadway s Promises, Promises goes over best with a younger crowd. Plus, its a perfect segue into Christmas songs.