Strega Nona read by Mary Steenburgen

Strega Nona is written and illustrated by Tomie dePaola and read by Mary Steenburgen. Strega Nona–”Grandma Witch”–is the source for potions, cures, magic and comfort in her Calabrian town. Her magical ever-full pasta pot is especially intriguing to hungry Big Anthony. He is supposed to look after her house and tend her garden, but one day, when she goes over the mountain to visit Strega Amelia, Big Anthony recites the magic verse over the pasta pot, with disastrous results.


Welcome to Storyline online, brought to you, but this SAG AFTRA Foundation, I’m Mary steam virgin. And today I’m going to read string1 known yet, written and illustrated by Tommy tape. He’ll anytime in Calabria, long time ago they lived in a lady, everyone post stroke and pneumonia, which means grandma, which although all the people in the town touched a battery, they all went to see or if they had troubles. Even the priest and the Sisters of the Convent went because string unknown Young did have a magic touch. She could cure a headache, oil and water, and a hairpin. She made special potions for the girls who wanted husbands. And she was very good at getting rid of warts. But stroke and pneumonia was getting old and she needed someone to help her keep her little house and garden. So she put up a sign and the towns and big Anthony, who didn’t pay attention, went to see her. And then the sets dragon pneumonia. You must sweep thou son wash the dishes. You must weed the garden and pick the vegetables. You must feed the goat milk, and you must fetch the what. For this, I will give you three coins and a place to sleep and food to eat. Currency. So big Anthony, though one thing and was never do, set strike and pneumonia is Dutch. The pass them behind. It is very valuable and I don’t that anyone touch. I’ll see. Yes. Said big Anthony. And so the days went by. Big Anthony did his work and drag. Anhedonia met with the people who came to see here for headaches and husbands and wars began to me. I had a nice bed to see him next to the goat. And he had food to eat. One evening when Anthony was Milton that go he heard Australia no, yes, sing. Thinking in a window. You saw Australia standing over the past. And she’s saying, the past step, point. Boom, nice and fast, nice and hot. And it’s time to suck me some pasta to me up. And the pasta pop bubbles and boiled and assume filled steaming hot pasta. Then strike. Anhedonia is saying, not enough fast, but I have my past and nice and high. So sim, down my pot of clay. So I’m hungry on the day. How wonderful set big Anthony that some magic pot for sure. And string1 known called big Anthony receptor. But too bad for big ambulate because you didn’t get to see Australia. Now you have three cases to the magic part. And this is what the next day when big Anthony went to the town square to fetch the water, he told everyone about the past apart. And naturally, everyone laughed at him because it sounded so silly. Patek cooked up by itself. You better go and confess to the priest. Began to me, they said such a lie and began filming was angry. And that wasn’t a very good thing to be. I’ll show them. He said to himself, someday I will get the positive part and make it. And then they’ll be sorry. That day came sooner than even began thin it could’ve thought because two days later, Australian pneumonia, sad too big Anthony. Anthony, I must go over the mountain to the next down to see my friend stray got Emilia, sweep of the house and weed the garden, feed the golden milk. And for your lunch, there are some bread and cheese in the carbon. And remember zone, the past. But oh yes, yes, drug ammonia said big Anthony. But inside he was thinking might chance has come. As soon as dragon pneumonia was out of sight. Began thinning, went inside, pull the pasta bought off the shelf, and put it on the floor. Now, let’s see if I can remember the word step big Anthony. And big Anthony’s saying. And you feel free to sing along with me if you remember the words for the past step. Bought me some past and nice and high. It’s Amman and it’s time to set up weren’t enough to fill me up. And sure enough, the pot plant bulls oil and began to fill up the past. Have big Anthony, Any Rand the towns where jumped on the fountain and shouted everybody yet but some blades and ladders and bones. Pasta. Let’s drag and non-US has, big Anthony has made the magic pasta pot of work. Of course, everyone laughed but ran home to get boring, simple 87 platters and Bolds. And sure enough, when they got to as dragon known as the positive part was so full, it was beginning to overflow. They again, Anthony was a hero. Dow past and filled the plates and platters. And there was more than enough for all the towns people, including the priest and this sisters from the convent. And some people came back for 23 helpings. But the pot is never. And when all had add their fill, big Anthony’s saying enough fuss to, but I have my past and nice and hot. So sim, my pot of clay until I’m hungry. The day. A law did not know. We just went outside and the laws of the big Anthony to come back. He was so busy listening to come to them. That’s from everyone that he didn’t notice the positive part was still boiling and still bottling until his sister from the convent says, Oh, began. And past was pouring out of the pot all over the floor of dragon known as house, and was coming out. The two big Anthony rushed in and shouted the magic words again. He took a pot off the floor, but the pastor pouring from it, began panning, grabbed a cover and put it on the pot and sat on it. But the pasta raise the cover and big Anthony as well and spilled on the flow of Dragon non-use stuff. Yeah, it began but the plastid did not stop and if someone hadn’t grabbed for big Anthony, the past, it would have covered up the past, had all that felt a little house out of the windows and through the doors came the pasta and the pot kept right on. The townspeople began to worry. Do something big Anthony, they shouted, big Anthony’s saying the magic song again. But with that, the three kisses, it did no good. By this time the past it was on its way down the road and all the people were running to keep our head. We must to protect that down from the boss. Shattered the mayor, get mattresses, tables, doors, anything to make them better. But even that didn’t work. The pot kept babbling. And the past. We are loans, said the people and the priest and this Sisters of the convent began to praise the past. It will cover our town. They cry. And it’s certainly would’ve had strayed again. No, yeah. Not come down the road from their visit. She didn’t laugh to look twice to know what had happened. She’s saying the magic song and listed three kisses. And with us butter, the pot stopped boiling and the Pasteur came to a pumped good I see thing. You think Australia known yet the people cry. But then they turned on poor big Anthony, string him up. A man of the town shot. Now way, since Reagan pneumonia, the punishment must fit the crime. And she took a four from a lady standing nearby and held it out to big amp and right in the name, you wanted pasta from my magic busted pot, strike. And Ananya said, and I want to sleep in my little bed tonight. So start eating. And he did poor, big. And the thank you very much for listening to that. I love that book, Australia and pneumonia because it’s a little bit about magic. And it’s a little bit about listening to someone’s wishes. And I loved reading it to my two granddaughters and they liked to. So thank you for watching Storyline online. We hope you check out all of our stories. Sheep watching, and keep reading. 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