Strategies to Teach Sight Words

Boost kindergarten reading skills for young children with these simple activities that teachers and parents can use. Strategies to teach sight words have been challenged recently with the emergence of the Science of Reading. Many educators have had to take a long look at the strategies for teaching sight words that we have used for years.

One of the more common strategies for teaching sight words is to have the student memorize the list of words. Using this strategy, teachers will present a student with a list of 10 words and try to get them to memorize the list. With this strategy, students are not able to learn all of their sight words in one sitting.

Another strategy for teaching sight words is called “chunking.” This strategy involves presenting students with a list of three words and then asking them what they see. When all three words are combined, they form a sentence that has meaning to the student.

The last strategy for teaching sight words is called “sight word sentences.” This strategy involves providing students with sentences that contain hard-to-read words and then having them read the sentence aloud until it becomes easier to read.