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Spooky Horror Films Made by Students

Just in time for Halloween! Watch the three, student-produced winning Sixty-Second HorrorFest films from the 2020 STN HorrorFest film contest. These short student horror films are super spooky and will make the hair on your neck stand up in fright. Boo!

Details for participating in the 2021 Sixty-Second HorrorFest are provided below.  Entries are due by October 22, 2021. A participating student must be sponsored by their STN-member teacher. 

How to Enter 2021 Sixty-Second HorrorFest

The STN Sixty-Second HorrorFest is a microfilm festival for middle and high school students to explore their creativity and skills in the horror/thriller genre. The top 3 films will be awarded prize packs donated by Ryan Connolly at Triune Digital.  Prize packs include LUTs, sound effects, and much more!  Participating student entries must be submitted by an STN-member teacher. Learn more by watching the 2021 Sixty-Second HorrorFest Trailer and by visiting the 2021 Sixty-Second HorrorFest info page.

2021 Sixty-Second HorroFest Trailer & Entry Details

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How to Creat a FREE!* SchoolTube Account

SchoolTube is the leading K12-focused, FREE!*, video hosting and sharing platform we are pleased to share winning and notable STN student films and videos. SchoolTube supports K12 media and journalism teachers and their classes with a comprehensive site for creating, hosting, organizing, and sharing all their video productions in a safe environment. If you are a teacher and need to create, host, and share videos with your students, follow this link to CREATE YOUR FREE SCHOOLTUBE ACCOUNT. *SchoolTube is a free service, supported by school-appropriate ads and sponsors. Additional fees apply to international-based schools.