Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch read by Hector Elizondo

Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch is written by Eileen Spinelli, illustrated by Paul Yalowitz and read by Hector Elizondo. Mr. Hatch is a drab, predictable gentleman who leads a painfully ordered and uninteresting life. One Valentine’s Day a giant candy-filled heart is delivered to Mr. Hatch with a note that reads, “Somebody loves you.”


Hello, I’m Hector Alexander. You’re watching Storyline online brought to you by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation and book else. Today I’ll be reading something special, very special story and a favorite of my granddaughter when she was smaller, of course, somebody loves you. Mr. Hatch is the story today. And it’s written by Eileen Spinelli, illustrated by Paul yellow. It’s iterative. This is a glitter. Mr. Hatch was tall and thin, and he did not smile. Every morning at 630 sharp. He would leave his brick house and walk eight blacks to the shoelace factory where he worked. At lunchtime. He would sit alone in a corner. He does choose and mustard said, and drink a cup of coffee. Sometimes he brought approve dessert. After work, he would make two stops at the newsstand to get the paper and at the grocery store to buy a fresh, tricky when for his son. After supper, he read the paper, took a shower, and went to bed early. He keeps to himself. That is what everyone said about Mr. Hatch. Well, one Saturday when Mr. hatch stepped onto the porch with a dustpan and Rome, he got a surprise. A package wrapped in brown paper. He had never spoken to the Postman before. Thank you, Mr. Cooper. He said Mr. Cooper, smile. You’re welcome. I always enjoyed delivering packages for Mr. Hatch. Tore the brown paper off. Inside was a white box, which he opened to find another box. This one was heart-shaped. All 70 red, pink bow on. It was filled with candy. Something flooded to the porch. Florida was a little white card. He picked it up and it said, somebody loves you. Only. Remember that this was Valentine’s Day. Mr. Hatch under a 100 now who send this to me? He was all alone. He had no friends. And yet somewhat someone had sent him a Valentine. Cool. Who he put the box on the coffee table. I tried to do some testing, but every time he left the room, he had to keep peeking to see if the boxes they’re dusted and dusted it in the desk cloth seemed to whisper, somebody loves somebody enough. At last he flung that does cloth away and exclaimed, I’ve got a secret admirer. And he did something he had never done before. He laughed. He laughed, danced, clapped his hands, and then he took a piece of candy from the box and ate it. Mr. Hatch change the shirt and found some old aftershave and the bottom drawer. He splashed around his face. He picked out a yellow tie with blue polka dots and put it on. And then he went for a walk. Maybe thought, I will meet the person who’s candy. Of course, no one had ever seen Mr. Hatch wearing a tie or smelling of aftershave or are smiling. So you got a lot of attention. Mrs. We tripped over her dog and Mr. done what? He nearly fell off a ladder. And little Tina fin spilled all the toys out of a wagon. Mr. Hatch waived hello to them all. On Monday. It was back at lunchtime. Mr. Hatch set in the middle of the cafeteria. He spoke to everyone and passed out chocolates from his hotbox. On the way home is usually stop at newstand. Mr. Smith handed him the usual newspaper. I think I have a pack of minutes set Mismatch, not as usual. Mr. Smith was shocked it was that you speaking Mr. Hatch. Indeed, it was sitting statue. I said I would also like a pack of bits. And if you don’t mind my saying so Mr. Smith, You don’t look very well today. Mr. Smith recovered from shock to reply. Your right eye? I feel very well have I have a cold and I was supposed to go to the doctors this afternoon. But the stand has been so busy. I haven’t had the time. Mustache smiled, like I’d be happy to watch these stand for you while you go. Mr. Smith could hardly believe zeros. You would certainly just to show me what to do. And so Mr. Hatch, random newsstand for an hour. He wondered if any of the women who stopped by a paper or a magazine or a candy bar had sent him the mysterious Valentine. Tell when Mr. Mr. Smith returned, Mr. Hatch made his usual stop at the grocery store. I’m a little tired of tricky things. He told Mr. Todd. I think you’ll have a nice fresh slice of ham is to Todd way the meat and wrapped it. You look worried. Second, Mr. Hatch? I am Mr. Tied. My little girl is late and she has come home from school yet. I can’t leave what I look for her until my wife arrives. And goodness, why did you say so said Mr. Hatch. I will go look for and so he walked to school and found little Melanie tied by the swings on broader home. Thank you. Thank you. Said the girls. Anytime said Mr. Hedge. After separate, Mr. Hatch did not bother to read the paper. He decided to bake brownies instead. Would be nice to have brownies to share the next day with the people at the shoelace factory. And as he baked a warm chocolate brownies floated through the neighborhood and children gathered round Mr. hatches house. I suppose the factory can wait. Said Mr. Hatches. He looked out the window and he brought out to plate false. Now, what are brownies without lemonade? He said. And he stirred up a nice cool picture. When the parents came together, their children, they had some brownies do. It turned out to be a picnic in Mr. Hatch his backyard. He dusted off in a harmonic and played songs he remembered from his boyhood, everyone. And so the days and weeks. And Mr. Hatch wasn’t smiling. He was laughing. And when he wasn’t laughing, he was helping someone. And when he wasn’t helping someone, he was having a party in his yard or on his porch. He seem to have forgotten about finding the person who sent him to Valentine. Then on afternoon, Mr. Gruber, the postmen came to his door, face was very serious. Come in, Mr. Gilbert said, Mr. Hatch, you look upset. I made a mistake some time ago. My supervisor is very angry with me. Do essence to goop Or what is it? You recall the package I delivered to you on Valentine’s Day? I think it was yes, I believe so. Replied Mr. Hatch beginning to feel a little uneasy. I don’t suppose you still haven’t said Mr. Google, sadly, as matter of fact, said Mr. Hatch, I I still have the box. The candy is gone though. Why do you ask? A postman took a deep breath. I’m afraid I delivered it to the wrong address. How supposed to go to another house? Mr. Hatch, recall tearing off the brown paper. It had never occurred to him to look at the address on the fetch the heart-shaped box, pink bow and GitHub postmen. I do hope your supervisor won’t be too angry with you. Now, the postmen was heading now, the sidewalk when Mr. Hatch called from his porch is to go but I forgot something. He gave the postmen the little white card. Somebody loves you inside. Alone in his living room. Mr. Hatch side. Nobody loved me after all. Then he read the paper, took a shower, and went to bed early. The next morning at 630 sharp. Mr. Hatch left is brick house and walked eight blocks to the shoe lace factory. At lunchtime he sat in the corner himself. Aid has cheese and mustard sandwich, drank a cup of coffee. After work, he stopped at the new stand for his paper, but he did not speak to Mr. Smith. And when he ordered his tricky going from Mr. Todd, he did not smile, nor did he Pat little melody taught on the head, or bake brownies or have picnics or party or play his old harmonic anymore. Everyone who’s pick what is wrong with Mr. Hatch, Mr. Cooper, the postman had told them, we love Mr. Hatch, assisted Mr. And Mrs. Dalloway. He gave us flowers for our garden. He helped mend our back fence. Mrs. We’d not it. I love him too. He saved his bones for my dog, raphe raphe blocked. She loved Mr. Hatch to Mr. Smith told everyone how Mr. Hatch had watched his new stance so he could visit the doctor. And Mr. Todd told everyone how Mr. Hatch had found his little girl. All the children in the neighborhood, remember Mr. hatches wonderful brownies and lemonade. Most of all. His laughter. Poor Mr. Hatch, they said, What can we do? Then is to Google announced an idea. On Saturday morning, Mr. Hatch woke to a bright and sunny day. He put on his old overalls, went out to the porch with a dustpan and brother. He couldn’t believe his eyes all over the porch were red and white huts and bones. It will boxes of candy, other chairs. And yellow stream is flowing from the ceiling and sticking up out of his mailbox was a shining silver are Monica, the front yard was filled with people, happy, smiling people. They were holding up a huge sign with hand painted letters. It said, everybody loves Mr. Mr. Hatch, dabbed at a tier with his handkerchief. I do believe he sniffed. Somebody loves me after all. And then he smiled. Then he laughed. And then he hurried down to be with his friends. Well, if you don’t like that, yeah. Like a dark chocolate nuts in it. 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