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Solids, Liquids & Gases – Finding Stuff Out

In this episode of Finding Stuff Out, Harrison discovers the states of matter. The show cleverly uses the idea of magic to engage students in the changing of states from solids to liquid and gases and visa-versa. It is fun while being educational.

What I particularly like about this show, is how it gets kids to think critically about what people say and the world around them. For example, in a skit, Harrison plays a character that is getting scammed out of money because the “magic man” “burned water”. The show explains the water didn’t burn, just turned into its gas form.

A fun activity to do with students before watching this video is to make ice cream in a bag. Students can eat the treat while watching and learning about how the liquid sweet cream turned into a solid sweet treat. They also make ice cream in the video using liquid nitrogen.

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