Sharing Videos outside of SchoolTube

Watch the tutorial or see the Q&As below:

Q: How do I share SchoolTube videos?

A: Click on your name > Select My Media > Find the video you want to share > Copy the URL that sits above the video or hit the blue icon in the top right corner of the video > Select which platform you want to share the video on.

You can also share through the URL below the video, and select the exact starting and stopping points of the video you want to share. You can use the embed code to directly insert the video in a web page.

Q: What platforms can I share SchoolTube videos on?

A: You can copy the video URL onto any platform, but SchoolTube can directly share videos over email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. 

Q: How do I share a whole channel?

A: Click on your name > Select My Channels > Click on the channel you want > Copy the URL from the top bar (search engine) of your computer.