SchoolTube User Guides and Training Videos

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Learn how to use all aspects of SchoolTube by watching the videos below.

See a Great Overview!  To learn how Districts, Schools, and Teachers use SchoolTube, watch the SchoolTube Showcase Playlist. 

Feature Tour: 6 minsUpload & Publish VideosDelete Videos
Link YouTube Videos*Edit Video ThumbnailEdit Video Captions
Allow Video DownloadAdd Attachments to a VideoSpanish & Ethnic Captions
Create A Personal ChannelCreate a Channel PlaylistCreate a Private Channel
Edit Channel ThumbnailShare & Embed Channel PlaylistDelete a Channel
Record Videos: Express CaptureRecord Videos: Screen & Audio RecordEmbed a Single Video
Using the Video Quiz CreatorReview Quiz ResultsAdd Members & Contributors to a Personal Channel

* YouTube videos linked to SchoolTube are not downloaded from YouTube. They are played by an open link back to YouTube but through the SchoolTube player and page.  YouTube suggested videos and comments are not displayed; however, YouTube video ads may still appear. Also, since there is an open link to YouTube, this process will be blocked if your district or school network blocks YouTube.

**Free, supported by school-appropriate ads and sponsors.