SchoolTube Quick Start Guide

SchoolTube Quick Start Guide 

Welcome to SchoolTube!  This guide will help you get started using your SchoolTube account and place you on a path to safely hosting and sharing your K12 education videos. All training videos and more can be found on the SchoolTube User Guides & Tutorials page. 

Logging On:   Go to and select the same option used to create your account. If the system, does not recognize you, follow the steps on this page to reset the login page. The upload and channel management areas are found under the ADD NEW and menu under your username.

Create a Personal Channel*.  Unless directed otherwise by your school, we suggest that you create one or more personal channels matched to the classes or subjects you teach (Algebra 1, Biology, School News, etc.) and make them public*. Users can give their channel a name, description, and upload a unique thumbnail image for personalization or school branding. Create your personal channel before uploading videos. 

Upload & Publish Videos.  After your personal channel(s) is created, you are ready to upload videos.  Important! Videos must be published to a channel in order to be viewed, otherwise, they are held in a private status under your MyMedia page. Watch the videos below to learn how the process works. Once you do one, you can do a million! 

Note. The default video thumbnail image is the first frame of the video and is not always the best choice. The last tutorial below will show you how to edit the video thumbnail, and always give your video a good descriptive name. 

Caption Your Video.  Videos uploaded to SchoolTube are automatically captioned in English. The speech-to-text process is about 85% accurate. To correct any typos or mispronunciations, watch the video below to learn how to edit captions. 

Share Your Videos. Once published, videos can be shared in a number of ways. They can be shared by their URL shown at the top of the video page, they can be embedded using the HTML code found under the Share link which appears under the video player, and they can be shared as part of a channel or playlist. You created a masterpiece, so please share it!

*Public vs Private Channels. Channels can be public, open to anyone, or private, viewable only to those who are set up as members, managers, or contributors to a channel.  If you want truly private viewing, you need to save your channel as private and then manually added each viewer’s user name as a member or contributor.  

After following these basic steps, you are well on your way to becoming a SchoolTube expert.