Romeow & Drooliet read by Haylie Duff

Romeow & Drooliet is written and illustrated by Nina Laden and read by Haylie Duff. Romeow the cat and Drooliet the dog are two star-crossed lovers who met by chance, marry in secret, and are kept apart by a snarling rottweiler, appalled owners, and the animal control warden.


Welcome to Book Pao Storyline online brought to you by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation. I’m Haley deaf and today we’re reading Romeo and Juliet written and illustrated by Nina Laden. In the fair and sometimes not fair city, there live to nearby feuding families. The filename or a cat people, it’s true they could not stand dogs are what these drugs do to dog loving Barker’s hated all cats. Normally we would just leave it at that. But we have a tale to tell of their pets. Story of love and a tail with her grand. Not quite started yet. Now here is Romeo and Juliet. Benny marking rami, our brothers and the best of friends. One fine morning, they’re taking a break from their naps. Boards had bending with the yawn. Let’s go to the parks and marquee. What for ASP any to look for trouble? Replied marquee. Know, said Romeo, dream really to look for love. Jag said Benny and marquee, go back to sleep. Romeo was already on his way out the door, held high. The park was a great place for adventure. There are trees to climb, birds to chase and dogs to watch. Let’s head to the AV leash area. Marquee suggested, can’t catch me. He cataloged to a large husky trapped behind the fence. What do you think? Yes, Romeo, should we play dodge dog? Just as rami, I was about to reply, a carnivorous canine charged the cats. The hothead, a dog barked, snapped, and nearly jumped the fence. Here, turbo, someone called, Come on boy. Trevor reluctantly left in the cats, decided that they should to how it was a close one, said Benny, market, One of these days you’re going to get and a lot of trouble. Romeo said scowling. Come on guys, mark your plan. There’s a costume party in the neighborhood tonight. I hear they’re having barbecued salmon and grilled shrimp. Should we groom ourselves? What do you say? I say we go home and get ready Ben each year. Okay. Markey. But no tricks from ya warned. Back at the Fellini house, the cats dug through bags and drawers. When they were done, the room was MSE as a litter box, dressed in their flashy finery. They street at the door like lightning and bolted into the night. It was to define the party. Throngs of revelers, sounds of laughter and music, and delicious smells spilt into the street. But that’s the house of the cat hitting Barker’s Rumi are pre-tested. The sciences all welcome says Marquis. The sides were disguised and I smell fish. Benny heard high smell trouble. Romeo mumbled, looking at Marquis de Fellini, feel ions, followed their noses. At least Benny and marketed. Romeo followed his eyes. Gazing across the room. He thought he saw an angel. As he got closer, he felt warm all over. She was the most beautiful site ever seen. Manhattan. Romeo nervous, he asked. He was delighted when she gave him her PA. As they danced room yes, smiles. She smiles that they twirls and dipped the rooms. But real meow had never felt so happy. He looked at her color, truly end. Now there is a name I drew liver anytime he said, What shall I call you? Julia, hinted at before Rome Yao could answer turbo the tariff and rouse him out of nowhere. You can call him the freeloading Fellini cat. Now scram before his party turns into a kitty catastrophe. My name is Rome Yao Rumi out call this, he escaped. We shall meet again. Juliet. Not if I can help it, turbo Bart. Good voice of the Barkers. Romeo drifted to the Barker, see aren’t in a dreamy fog. He couldn’t get truly out of his mind. Then suddenly he heard her voice coming from the balcony above overall meow. Where is that for? Face rho me out. I do not care that you were cat or a Fellini. If you’re a creature of any other name, would still make my tail wag. The Running Start, wrote me out, jumped onto the balcony and landed next. And Juliet, call me any name you want? Romeo, her. Just calm yours. Moonlit night. Dog fell in love. They had no cares just to stars up above realm Yao that Juliet on her face, his whiskers tickle, but she smiles with grace. We shall be married, said young Romeo. I’ll be with you forever, starting now. Meet me at the church. Sneak out of your house. There we will be when biomass senior your mouse, it will the world except would happen next to our dear Romeo and Juliet. They met the next day in front of the church. Romeo and Juliet to a small chamber in the back. Now senior mouse enter his robes flowing and his tail trail. Are you ready to be joined together? Wife, he screamed, I will love you and fetching anything you desire Juliet, promise Romeo. I will love you and groom you. Even if I get hairballs. Ramayan promised Julia, you may like the bride, pronounce my senior mouse. Happily married, Romeo and Juliet went for a walk in the park. The sky seem blue or sons and brighter. Suddenly a large dark shadow ran towards them. It was turbo. Juliet, we’ve been looking for you. What are you doing with that cap? He had and you Fellini cat was soon be Puppy chow. Let’s not fight Rumi obsoleted with turbo. We’re family now. No cat is kin to me, turbo bellowed. A crowd started to form. The Barkers arrived out of breath. Benny and marquee rand Rumi outside. This is bullish bending. Told room. Yeah, She’s a dog, she’s not worth it. Marquis history, a turbo roll over and play dead Fleabag. Turbo exploded and attacked marquee. Stop Greg Romeo, it’s me that you want. Wrote me out, drew his claws as a marquee crawled away to lick his wounds. With all his might, grow me. I’ll swipe to turbo snarling, snapping massive muscle. In seconds, turbo sink to the ground with barely a whimper. Cat got your tongue. Then he taunted, wrote me, I wanted to run to Juliet, but all of a sudden he was grabbed from above. Okay. Straight. You’re coming with me, said Officer prints the animal control warden and get that dog on a leash. He yelled at the Barkers, Rowe me out, turn to see what was happening to turbo. But it wasn’t turbo he was talking about. Turbo is sitting quietly with his tail between his legs. He was truly ends before the Barkers could call her. Juliet took off running. As the animal control truck sped off with Romeo held prisoner inside. Everyone scrambled out of the park. The Fellini is pursued the than the Barkers chased after Juliet and Benny and marquee took shortcuts through the back alleys. The trucks get it to a stop at its dreaded destination. There was a huge commotion as people, cats and dogs arrived. Officer prints open the door to Romeo’s cage. A split second later, Rome, the house by Julia across the street. She didn’t even look for traffic before she crossed. Before we’ll me out the call out during the worst sound. First though is a screeching. Then adulthood. And last, a silence as big as the universe. Everyone looked on in disbelief. Truly Attlee motionless in the middle of the street. No one moved. Then rho meow ran towards her, truly at CRIDE rami out my love, my wife, his wife, the crowd on the sidewalk gasp. We haven’t even been married a day he saw as he rupture had with his I still have to give you your wedding present. Then Romeo, Juliet. He liked her face, he liked her ears. He liked her pause. Slowly, Juliet opened her eyes. She remembered. Yeah, it’s you. Were you expecting romanticists? The crowd cheered. The Barkers help. The Fellini is the Fellini. Barker’s turbo, Benny and marquee, even high-five. Officer Fred said it was a miracle and the charges were dropped. A celebration was planned for that evening. And this time, all really were welcome. So how is it that our heroine lift from a gift only her true love could give. This cat gave his dog one of his nine lives. They shared all the rest at each other sides. Fellini. Some Barker’s became fast friends and cats and dogs played together. Again. No stories will come and stories will go. Some wither and die. Some blossom and grow. Some live in your heart. Don’t you forget the tail of Romeo and Juliet. (As provided by SchoolTube video transcript.)

Standards Alignment

Suggested Grade Level: 3-4

The standards listed below are for the 3rd and 4th grades but can easily be modified for other grades.

CCSS.SL.3.1, CCSS.SL.4.1, CCSS.SL.3.2, CCSS.RL.3.2, CCSSRL.3.3, CCSS.SL.4.2, CCSS.RL.4.2, CCSSRL.4.3, CCSS.RL.3.4, CCSS.RL.4.4, CCSS.RL.3.1, CCSS.RL.3.3, CCSS.RL.4.1, CCSS.RL.4.3, CCSS.W.3.3, CCSS.L.3.2, CCSS.RL.3.5, CCSS.W.4.3, CCSS.L.4.2, CCSS.RL.4.5

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