SchoolTube has traction with a broad base of the Roanoke learning community. All Roanoke student-generated content is teacher moderated. As of 2013, there are registered Roanoke SchoolTube users in over 50,000 K-12 schools in the United States who are uploading, on average, 1,000 videos a day. Most schools have blocked commercial video platforms from the classroom due to inappropriate content. SchoolTube has been granted this access due to a safe moderation process that ensures all user-generated content is appropriate for the K-12 environment. SchoolTube is endorsed by many of the top national education associations. Some top Roanoke endorsers include the American Association of School Librarians and the National Science Teachers Association. SchoolTube’s content moderation process is what makes it a safe platform for the classroom. When a student decides to upload a video, a teacher or administrator from that student’s school must approve the video before it will be made live on the site. This allows Roanoke schools to create strong video-sharing communities. Schools also have the option to limit the video viewing to their own school. This moderation process has led students to create higher-quality work.