Phonics Blends

Below are three videos all about phonics blends. These are great for new readers or readers who might be struggling with this concept. Phonics blends or clusters are 2 or more consonants whose sounds blend together. Blends are the next step for students who have mastered constant sounds. There are no vowels in these blends. They are called blends because each letter sound is pronounced quickly that they blend together. By teaching letter blends, you will help students learn to recognize patterns in syllables and word beginnings and endings. Initial Consonant Blends or beginning blends are the blends that are at the beginning of a word. Blends at the end of a word are called Final Consonant Blends or end blends.

The most common beginning consonant blends are: bl, br, cl, cr, dr, fr, tr, fl, gl, gr, pl, pr, sl, sm, sp and st. Three letter blends commonly learned are: str, spl, and spr. These videos are great for teaching and reviewing letter blends because they include the pronunciation and examples of common words these blends are used in.

Part 1

Featuring: BL, CL, FL, GL, PL, SL

Part 2

Featuring: BR, CR, DR, FR, GR, PR, TR

Part 3

Featuring: SC, SK, SM, SN, SP, ST

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