Parent involvement in #SchoolTubeLipDub

Teachers and coaches are very busy right now. Taking on a project like #SchoolTubeLipDub may not be feasible for anyone on staff at school. Do not overlook one of your school’s most valuable resources: Parents!

Parents are a great way for your school to produce a lip dub. You would only need a small team of parents to lead this project. You could try parent leaders for the various groups, clubs, and sports teams. You may be thinking of a few parents that would be perfect for this type of project. I would encourage you to look outside that group as well, you may have some very talented parents in the mix that you are unaware of. You may also have some parents that are very eager to help, they just don’t know where to start.

For Parents

If you are a parent and you’d like to see your child’s school participate in this, reach out to a teacher or administrator today! They would love for you to take the lead on this. You can see our previous post on tips for getting started. Do not be intimated, this is very doable! You could lead this project on your own, or recruit a small team of parents and/or teachers. The most important people will be the students involved. Remember, this is about having fun and celebrating your school spirit!

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