Oprah Winfrey

This video is clever and well animated. The pictures are very interesting and the text on the screen allows students to read along. It is a great way to model reading aloud.

The video starts by telling about Oprah’s childhood. This helps students understand that Oprah came from hardships but used her love for education to become one of the richest people in the US. It also encourages students to read and value their education.

Next, the video goes over her career. They emphasize her hard work and explain how her failure as a news anchor, due to becoming too emotional, allowed her to find that she was well suited for talk shows. On the morning talk show, she could be herself and show her personality. This was good for the station because the audience at home loved her personality. She would eventually get her own show from 1984 to 2011.

On her show, she shared her love of books, creating the famous “Oprah’s Book Club.” Every month, Oprah would choose a new book for the audience to read together. At the end of the month, she would interview the author. It was a great way for authors to get their work recognized.

The video also discusses her charity work. They talk about her local work along with the school she started in Africa. They tie it all back to Oprah’s love and value for education.

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