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Never Play Music Right Next to the Zoo read by John Lithgow

A live performance gets out of hand when the animals at the next-door zoo take over the event and play the instruments themselves in this hilarious story primarily based on one of John Lithgow’s well-known tunes. This package consists of the book and a CD of John with an orchestra playing the track.

John Arthur Lithgow is an American actor, author, musician, and poet. Prolific in films and television, Lithgow is the recipient of numerous awards, such as two Golden Globe Awards, six Primetime Emmy Awards, three Screen Actors Guild Awards, two Tony Awards, and nominations for two Academy Awards and four Grammy Awards.

Transcript, as provided by SchoolTube’s video captions:

Hi and welcome to Storyline online brought to you by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation. I’m John lift go and today I’m going to read, you. Never play music next to the zoo. Written well, by me, by John. Let’s go and illustrated by my good friend Lisa Hernandez. I went to a concert when I was a lad. No older than many of you. I sat with my sister, my mother, my dad had a banjo right next to the zoo of summer air was so bombings. And the program is running so long that I found myself falling asleep in my, despite all the music. All at once the conductor erupted with range. Wild animals or mu. Remember, maybe you, right. They’ll burst from their pages, each based on each desk to play music. They pay the lions and the elegant affair. But we’ll see all the way though the vision and chase them mostly. The banjo. The monkeys played fit in. The bifan played bass, percussion were manned by the camera. The yak played the sacks, and you’ll read in the face, a surprisingly musical mammals have been noble played oboe, the pharynx, the flukes, the jackal attacker to the bassoon. Hippo chosen the tuba to 2k. Hi The light of the silvery moon. Siberian tigers. Don’t go. Super abundance of steel, know. Whatever your music from their cages. To play your music. They’ve heard lions and the elements that bad. We’ll steal away the trumpets, replacing the fish and then chase them away. As the animal orchestra filled up the hair and we’ve chaos, confusion and clarify the audience com, they continue to stare as if nothing at all was a MATLAB. I sum moments. Tara, suppress your screen while my parents just sat there in Rabbit should, oh, how I wish it was only a creature of all. But since by the minute I’d grown less afraid, I decided to sit back and watch wildly. They finished and each put his instrument down. Then bow and recenter, the state each shared his tuxedo or evening gown and hurried back to his cake. And each reminisced, so grateful and so full of contentment. My mother, meanwhile, thrown away with my dad. My sister, remain my my side. She tugged on my sweater and spoken my better wake up or where you are right from their cage, you spend each band music they have no never played music right next to the zoo. And pay strict attention to rule number 2. Buried in mind. Don’t fall asleep when an orchestra plays. Now why do I write children’s books? Well, because I love reading for children. I love reading for my own children, for my own grandchildren. And I loved reading this one for all of you. I also love animals, and I love music, I’m sure all of you do too. And of course, book was full of both of them. I written nine books now, this is the ninth, my most recent one. I like the best. I hope you liked it. Thank you so much for watching Storyline online. Make sure to check out all of our stories. Keep watching, and keep reading.