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Nature’s Bright Ideas – Finding Stuff Out

This episode of “Finding Stuff Out” has earned a glowing review from me. It’s all about bioluminescence, biofluorescence, and other forms of natural light sources. Join Zoey and her friends as they explore land and sea for things that light up the night (or deep dark bottom of the ocean).

A fun activity to do before watching this video is a game they play in the show. This activity will require some prep on your part. You’ll need to source many paper fish (you can print them and cut them out yourself, or have students create them for you).

Next, this part must be done by an adult, carefully use bleach to draw or stamp one of the symbols on the fish. The bleach will show up dark on the paper under the blacklight. Not all fish need a symbol. Hide or scatter the fish around the room.

Divide the class into teams (as many teams as there are symbols). Have 2 students at a time race to collect fish with their team’s symbol (hidden until a black light is shined on it) from around the room. You can give them a specific amount of time to search, or make it like a relay race, once one person finds a fish, the next student starts looking. The team with the most fish found (or fastest to find all their fish) wins!

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