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Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers

Google Chrome extensions can be incredibly helpful for teachers. In this video, learn about 16 must-have Google Chrome extensions. This video also shows you how to add these extensions.

Loom for Chrome

This is a simple screen recording extension. It is 100% free for teachers and students. This extension not only allows you to screen record but also quickly edit those videos.

Tab Resize

This allows you to format your screen to show multiple tabs at once. This can be particularly helpful in monitoring zoom breakout rooms.


This is a really cool tool that allows you to turn any webpage into an assignment. You can add questions and notes, and even paste links to videos right into the webpage.


Mote allows you to leave audio feedback in Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Classroom. This is a great way to easily communicate with your students.

Custom Cursor

What a fun way to add interest to your screen! With this extension, you can quickly change your cursor to fun characters or colors. This could be fun for younger classes. I also see a benefit for visually impaired students, as a different colored cursor may help them see what you are pointing out more easily.

Web Paint

This is a way to quickly draw your students’ attention to something on any web page. Use this extension to mark up and write on any page as you’re sharing your screen. The video provides are really great visual example I encourage you to check out.


Bitmoji is a great way to create some custom gifs and emojis. It allows you to create yourself as an avatar or cartoon character that is then inserted into some premade stickers. You can use these digital yous in presentations to make them more personal.


This is a more accurate version of Google Translate. It offers a much more reliable translation.


Kami allows you to annotate PDFs. You can create assignments with this tool. Students will need to install this extension as well.


This program allows you to quickly convert files. You can turn a PDF into a Word doc so you can edit it.

Awesome Screenshot

This extension allows you to take a screenshot without leaving your current screen. You can also mark up and edit the capture before saving it, much like iPhone screenshots.


This is another fun way to add gifs to a presentation. These are not personalized, but rather popular gifs from around the web.


Perfect for math teachers, this extension allows you to quickly add math equations to assignments. You can also speak the equation and add it verbally.

Padlet Mini

This tool allows you to add resources to a Padlet without leaving the webpage. This is a must-have for all Padlet users.

Google Calendar

We all need quick and easy ways to stay organized. This keeps you on task by placing a countdown and other information about upcoming meetings right in your browser. You don’t have to open a separate program to see what you have scheduled at 2.


Now that we’ve add all these useful extensions, this final extension helps keep them organized. If you find you don’t use the extensions as much as you thought you would, this tool helps you quickly remove them.

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