Music from The Last Jedi | Star Wars Week

Welcome back to Star Wars Week on SchoolTube. Today’s music selection is from the movie The Last Jedi. These songs are a bit more relaxed than the other songs from The Mandalorian, The Force Awakens, and The Rise of Skywalker. They are still great options for background music in the classroom. They also work well to play at the beginning of a class period to set the tone for your class. I especially like to do this in middle school classrooms where students are moving from class to class. It creates a distinct personality for your room and an environment where students feel excited to go to your class. Don’t forget to check back every day this week for more fun ways you can incorporate Star Wars into your lesson plans. Also, if you’ve missed any Star Wars Week so far, catch up here: Star Wars Week.

The Last Jedi

Canto Bight

The Spark

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