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Mice Twice read by Ty Burrell

Mice Twice is written and illustrated by Joseph Low and read by Ty Burrell. Cat and Miss Mouse become involved in a round of uneasy hospitality when Miss Mouse accepts Cat’s dinner invitation. While Cat expects her to walk right into his trap, Miss Mouse outsmarts him by asking her close friend Dog to join her. The animals perform a literal game of cat-and-mouse through dinner invitations, continuously amping up their efforts until a hilarious and fitting conclusion results. Mice Twice is a charming, funny and thoughtful fable about friendship, cleverness, irony, self-awareness and manners.


Hello there. Welcome to Storyline online brought to you by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation. I’m type URL and today I’ll be reading mice twice, written and illustrated by Joseph Lo. Cat was thinking about supper. He thought I could eat 47 grasshoppers or I could eat 609 crickets, or I could eat a fine fat sparrow. But what I think I’d really like, it is a nice, tender mouse. So we went outside and sat at mouses door. Are you there mouse, he asked. And in good health, high hope, mouse lace now going to her nest behind the door. The door was too small for cat to get through. Never better. She said, cat tuned his rough voice to make it smooth. He said, such a lovely day. I was just thinking, how nice to have a friend for supper. I do hope you can join me this evening. Mao’s new cat, well, and all his cunning ways. May I bring a friend? She asked mice twice vodka, licking his whiskers. By all means, he said, shall we say six o’clock? 6 will be fine. Said mouse. At six that evening she knocked on catheter or cat stomach rumble. Come in, come in. He said but when he opened the door he saw that analysis friend, mouse. It was dog. Dog was grinning. He was twice as big as cat. Cat was angry, but he was afraid to show it. He waved them into the house, on the table were too small bits of cheese. So such a warm day. Yeah, I find it best not to eat on warm days, but do help yourselves. So Mouse took one piece of cheese and dog took the other. When he had swallowed his dog, said, I have seldom enjoy that. She has so much. He said Swiss or is it French? Ask Mouse? French. Setcount, a gift from my cousin Pierre. Actually it was common old rat trap cheese as dog and mouse, who knew very well. Dog said, it has been so pleasant. Cat, I hope you will have dinner with me tomorrow night. Cat thought for a moment, I will. Indeed. He said, If I may bring a friend, good company makes for good eating. Said dog, bring any friend you like. Shall we say seven o’clock? Seven will be fine, said cat. At seven. The next night, cat knocked on dogs door. Beside him stood wolf, twice as dog, four times as fears come in, come in cold dog. Cat looked at Wolfe, he whispered, dog for you, mouse for me. Agreed. Wolf said nothing but curl this lip and a horrid smile. All his sharp teeth were showing. Cat and wolf goes, licked their whiskers. But when the door opened there beside dogs at crocodile is big, toothy jaws open and closed. As he smiled at cat and cat and wolf stared at that gaping mouth so big, so read so many, many teeth. They could not take their eyes away. Not even to look at the four pieces of cheese on the table. Said Wolfe, looking over his shoulder at the door. Actually said cat, we came to ask if we might make it and the other neither of us as feeling well, What a pity. Said dog, I had said Hope you might enjoy this delicate French cheese. Bree gets called. And it really was French Bree. Another time. Mumbled cat as he and wolf backed out the door. Cat thought for a moment, looking back a crocodile tomorrow night. I’d like you to meet a distant relative who will be visiting me for dinner. Can you join me and bring your friend? Did a lighted said dog but not cranky. I must get back to the river tonight. Perhaps mouse might come if that is agreeable. Splendid, said cat trying not to grim. I will expect to it eight o’clock. At eight the next evening dog and mouse knocked on the door. Inside, sat, lie. So big he all but fill the house. Cat had to sit between his huge paws. Cat was smiling in the space remaining at one side was a table. It was covered with dishes of good things cat had brought to please lie in. There were fresh roasted peanuts, fat juicy raisins, little cakes covered with sugar, frosting, bits of fried and crumbled bacon, and a silver tray of men candies. Cat looked up and whisper to lie him. When the door opens, I will grab mouse, I grabbed dog, and that will be that that rumbled lion licking his whiskers with his rough red tongue. How prompt you come in Callaway and cried cat to dog. As the door swung open, both cat and lie and lean forward, their mouths already open. Neither of them had noticed that dog and mouse and brought their good friend, wasp. Quick as a wink, wasps done lion’s nose then is here then is rough red tongue. Lion was frantic. He tried to back away, but cats house was too tight around him, was stung. His lab. Lion broke the house apart and ran cat ran after him, and dog after cat. Cats house was ranked, but the table was unharmed. All the good things on it stood as they had been. Good friend. Said mouse to wasp. Do help yourself to anything you fancy, those little cakes perhaps. Or one of the myths, I rather like the smell of those peanuts myself for starters. Plenty here for both of us and a good share, two for dog. If cat escapes what he deserves. If cat did escape, you may be sure he never bothered mouse. Again. The end. Well, I love that book because it’s very silly and very funny. But also because I think this book teaches us a good lesson about friendship, actually more than one lesson about friendship. But one of them is that it’s important to have good friends around us because our good friends, our support system, and our friends who love us will be there to protect us when things get rough, as they did for mouse. Thanks for watching Storyline online. Make sure to check out all our stories. Keep watching and keep reading. Okay. (As provided by SchoolTube video transcript.)

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