Make Video Quiz!

How Do I Creating a Video Quiz?

Watch Tutorial or see Q&As below:

Q: How do I create a video quiz?

A: Click Add New in the top right corner of your webpage and select Video Quiz. Then select the video you want to make into a quiz. You should then see options to add questions, details, scores, and more pop up. 

*Pro-tip: Click the Details dropdown to browse options such as allowing students to download the quiz, answer all questions at the end of the video, allowing your students to make multiple attempts at the quiz, and more. 

Q: How do I add questions throughout the video?

A: Use the zoom bar along the bottom of your screen to scroll to the timestamp of your video that you want your question to pop up at. Then select add question, pick which type of question it is (multiple choice, true/false, etc.) The click Done.

Q: How do I view my students’ results?

A: Click on Actions below your video then Analytics. The analytics page will give you options to see overall metrics and individuals student scores along with most missed questions.