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Madeleine Albright

In this video, the first Secretary of State of the United States who was a woman tells her story. Madeleine Albright discusses her childhood and moving to the US. She then describes her early life and education. Finally, she tells us what the process of becoming Secretary of State was like and what the job itself was like.

This is a great video for US government classes not only to celebrate Women’s History Month but also to discuss some of the points made in the video and compare them to today’s world. For example, is it easier or more difficult now to be a woman in high political office? These can be some rather tender subjects, so make sure you know your class well enough to properly facilitate a healthy discussion.

This video also supports a greater understanding of the various political positions aside from President, Senator, and Judge everyone is familiar with. Use this tool to allow students a deeper look into how our government is structured beyond the 3 branches of government they learned in 5th grade.

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