Maddi’s Fridge read by Jennifer Garner

With humor and warmth, this children’s picture book raises awareness about poverty and hunger! Best friends Sofia and Maddi live in the same neighborhood, go to the same school, and play in the same park, but while Sofia’s fridge at home is full of nutritious food, the fridge at Maddi’s house is empty. Sofia learns that Maddi’s family doesn’t have enough money to fill their fridge and promises Maddi she’ll keep this discovery a secret. But because Sofia wants to help her friend, she’s faced with a difficult decision: to keep her promise or tell her parents about Maddi’s empty fridge. Filled with colorful artwork, this storybook addresses issues of poverty with honesty and sensitivity while instilling important lessons in friendship, empathy, trust, and helping others.


Welcome to Storyline online, brought to you by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation. I’m Jennifer Garner. And today I’m going to read Matisse fridge, written by lowest Brant and illustrated by Vin vocal. When Sophia and Maddie played in the park, they stretch their terms to the sky. They climb to the top of the ladder and blue this slide. They stayed until the buildings grew long shadows. Even the taxes stop talking. Let’s play on the climbing while Maddie said, No way, Sofia said, I can’t reach. Yes. Way that he scooted up to the top of the wall. Your turn. Sophia put a foot on the bottom rock, grabbed was one hand and etched, but she couldn’t reach the next told Sofia stomach ground. I give up. Let’s get a snack. No way. Maddie said, Let’s stay here. Yes, way. So phi of Ran to Matisse building and raced up the stairs. Wait, Maddie ran after her. Maddie was the best climber, but Sophia is the fastest runner. Sophia swung open the door of Matisse fridge. What have you got? We have milk. Maddie said, I’m saving it for Ryan. He’s still little. What is it, your mom? Go to the store. So via asked, we don’t have enough money. What if you get hungry? Some bread? Maddie said, I guess I’ll go home to Sofia said, Please don’t tell anyone. And he said, Okay, I promise. I promise. Sophia ran home, passed to the bookstore and grocery stores. The sun went down behind the buildings and took all the colors with it. Good timing. Mom said Dinner’s almost ready. Lewis was wrestling on the floor with Pepe TO Sophia, open the refrigerator door for Peter. Inside. Sophia’s French was full of milk and eggs and tortillas and cheese and lead us then jam and salsa and tofu. And even half of Canada on food. Here you go. Mom said, Sofia and Louis each had a plate and efficient race. Mom had a plate efficient rice, even Pet Peter had his bowl of dog food with a little beneficent race. Maddie and Ryan only had some bread and a small carton of milk. Has Sophie tell mom she had to keep her promise to Mattie? Not fish again, lowest said, I want GZ pizza bombs. Gz pizza bombs are a treat. Mom said fish is a good source of protein. Is fish good for kids? Sophia asked. Yes, mam smiled. Fish is perfect for kids. That night. And Sophia, an idea. Maddie step the next day. Sofia said, Double, yuck. Fish may be good for kids, but fishes not good for backpacks. After school, Sophia and Maddie race to the climbing wall. Sophia got there first, but Matisse scrambled pasture to the top of the wall. Sophia’s etched and straight etched. Keep trying. Maddie said, you’ll get it. I can’t Sophia jumped down. It’s too high. That night. Sophia, Lewis and mom ate for hepato, had his dog food with a little bit of free time. Maddie, I’m Ryan still had an empty refrigerator. Sophia couldn’t ask for help. It would break her promise. She had to try again. Our x good for kids. Sophia, ask, not as good as GZ pizza bombs. Lewis said, GZ pizza bombs are a treat. Mom said, eggs are good for you. After dinner, Sophia packed eggs, formatting. Maddie said doable yolk. Sofia said, eggs maybe good for kids, but eggs are not good for PAC parks. Sophia and Maddie raced to the climate. Sophia one again, but Maddie shot past chart to that top of the wall. Sophia grabbed one hold, reached for the next, and came down with thump. That happen sometimes Maddie called. This isn’t possible. Sofia said, keep trying. Maddie said, you’ll get it. That night. Sophia, Lewis and mom had burn victims. Pip2 had his dog food were a little better, burrito and no salsa. Maddie and Ryan still had an empty fridge. So via wished she hadn’t promised Mandy. Are redoes good for kids? Sophia asked, redoes are very good for you. Lumps and not as good as Lewis started to say, you should pay attention to nutrition like your sister lumps. The next morning, Sophia put two burritos in her backpack along with tortillas, beans, cheese, and even some milk. No thanks. Maddie said, You haven’t even looked to Sofia said is a fish. Maddie, I know. Is it eggs? No. Is a gross. I don’t know. Sofia said, Maddie shook the backpack. Something sloshed. Let’s look together. Maddie said, One, 23. Go for redoes are good for kids and good for backpacks to do you want some milk? Sophia asked. Thanks. Maddie said that I’ll save the milk for Ryan. Sophia and Mary raised to the climbing wall. Sophia, one is usual and tried to climb. You can do it. Maddie said, take my hand. I made it to the top. Sophia shouted. Then. Maddie said, thanks for helping me, Maddie. It couldn’t do it alone. Maddie shrugged. That’s what friends are for. After they finished playing, sofia walked home past the bookstore and the grocery store. She thought and thought and thought her own fridge was full of milk and juice, and chicken, and yogurt and bread and carrots, and even half a can of dog food. Matisse bridge only had two tortillas and a cup of beans and a bit of cheese and a little more milk than before. Via didn’t want to break her promise, but she couldn’t help Matty loan. Sophia told she hoped Matty wouldn’t be mad. I’m glad you told me. Mom said, let’s see what we can do together. They loaded grocery bags with milk, flour, chicken, carrots, sugar, oil, and even frozen meat and vegetables. Lewis pulled his package, a cheesy pizza bombs out of the freezer. He thought and thought and thought some more. Then he put his GZ pizza bombs in Maddie and Ryan’s back for a cheat. He said. And Matt is apartment. The moms talk to Lewis and Ryan played. Sophia and Maddie ran to the part. You broke your promise. Manny said, Sorry, Sophia said, Are you mad? Promises important? Maddie said, you’re more important. Sofia said, I wanted you to have milk. Too many. Smiled. We still friends. So the ask always. Maddie said double always. Sophie’s. The big boss. Lewis yelled, our moms made cheesy pizza bombs for a tree. Sophia and Manny raced up the stairs. Sophia slowed down so they can run together. That’s what friends are for. Did you like Matisse fridge? I love this book and I’m going to tell you why. Because there are so many wonderful programs out there. You can put food into backpacks for children to take home from school, to help feed their families at night. And what feels better than knowing that you are helping another kid, just like you and just like your family. Because we all need a little help sometimes. I love that Sophia is the one who needed help getting up the wall, and that Maddie just calmly and sweetly helped her friend. Maddie is the one who needed a little bit of help having extra food in the fridge. And Sophia was the friend who can help her out. We can always find ways to help each other. That’s why I love this book. Thank you for watching Storyline online. Make sure to check out all of our stories. Keep watching and keep reading. Okay. (as provided from SchoolTube’s video captions)

Standards Alignment

Suggested Grade Level: 1st-3rd

Common Core Standards are listed for 2nd and 3rd grade but can be adapted to kindergarten and 1st grade students.

CCSS.SL.2.1, CCSS.SL.3.1, CCSS.SL.2.2, CCSS.SL.3.2, CCSS.RL.2.1, CCSS.RL.3.1, CCSS.RL.2.2, CCSS.RL.2.3, CCSS.RL.3.2, CCSS.RL.3.3, CCSS.W.2.1, CCSS.W.3.1

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