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LEGO Train Breakfast Machine

In this fun and cheerful video, HalfAsleepCris builds a LEGO train that makes breakfast. Chris, from HalfAsleepChris, starts the video by identifying a problem: mornings are hard, which seems fitting given his channel name. He then identifies a solution: mornings would be easier with a machine that makes breakfast. He then sets out to do just that by using a series of Rube Goldberg Machines / Chain Reactions, including dominoes, marble runs, shoes, smart devices, a robot alarm clock and more!

This is such a fun way to inspire students to make their own creative solutions to problems. A fun assignment to accompany this video is to have students, either in groups or individually, design their own Rube Goldberg machine. This could be done physically or digitally. This activity will allow students to practice critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills while applying math and science knowledge.

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