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3 Stories of Kids Making an Impact on Earth Day 2022

It is Earth Day 2022 and environmental awareness is perhaps higher than it has ever been. People of all ages are trying to find ways to make our planet better. Below are three stories of students doing their part by planting trees.

Ryan Romeo is an 11-year-old student from Fairfield Connecticut. When his class was assigned a “passion project” Ryan knew exactly what his project would be. His love for nature inspired his goal to “plant trees everywhere.”  

He also wants to inspire other kids to plant trees too. Ryan wants every kid to plant just one tree. In his paper for the project, he wrote about his goal to see 1 trillion trees planted. That would go a long way to help the environment. This type of passion from just one person like Ryan can create a ripple effect of good for the planet.

A high school class from Berkshire County, Massachusetts decided to reimburse the Earth for the resources their school used. For the past two years, the students calculated how much paper their school used and they planted enough trees to offset that usage.  

The students determined that their school’s environmental cost from 1.5 million sheets of paper could be offset by planting 150 trees. The students involved the community at large, selling each planted tree for $5 with a choice of birch, sugar maple, or dogwood. Purchasers could choose to plant their trees at home or in the community, or the students offered to plant the trees for them. The previous year they had a goal of 100 trees and were able to plant more than twice that. This shows what is possible when a group of passionate students take action to give back to the earth. 

In Humboldt County, Iowa, a group of kids teamed up with a conservationist to learn how to plant trees. The elementary-aged students learned why tree planting is good for the environment along with the correct way to plant a tree. This simple activity helped instill a life-long love and concern for the environment.  

During this learning experience, the kids also had a ton of fun. They enjoyed being outside and playing in the dirt.  Planting trees is a great hands-on learning activity for kids of all ages. These kids prove that taking care of our planet is something everyone can do, regardless of age.

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