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I’m Not Scared, YOU’RE Scared! read by Seth Meyers

I’m Not Scared, YOU’RE Scared! is written and read by Seth Meyers and illustrated by Rob Sayegh Jr. When you’re a bear who is easily scared, it’s hard to have friends. Fortunately, Bear has one: Rabbit, who is very brave. One day, Rabbit urges Bear to face his fears and embark on an adventure together. However, things don’t entirely go as planned, and the two friends learn the true meaning of bravery. Equal parts hilarious and touching, this funny tale of adventure, bravery, and daring rescue will both inspire the adventurous spirit in all of us and make us laugh along the way. With the unfailingly witty voice of one of America’s favorite comedians, Seth Meyers’s debut picture book is bound for hilarity history.


Welcome to Storyline online, brought to you by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation. I’m Seth Meyers and I’m going to read to you from my book. I’m not scared. Your scared with illustrations by Rob say a junior. There once was a bear who was easily scared. Each night. Before going to sleep, he would tie a bell to his door that would make a noise if anyone tried to sneak in. Because even a bear who is easily scared is a very heavy sleeper. He was even afraid of his own reflection because he couldn’t see himself. He never threshed well and always had food stuck in his team. When you’re a scared bear with food in your teeth. You don’t have many friends. Bear had one rabbit. Rabbit was never scared. She read scary stories. She slept with her door wide open and she pressures teeth while hanging from a tree branch by your ears. This gave her very strong ears. One day, rabbit made an announcement. Bear, we are going on an adventure. Bear suggested that instead of going on an adventure, they could read a book about adventures. That way if anything goes wrong, we can just close the book. Rabbit looked at her friend and asked Bear, are you scared? And bear replied, I’m not scared. Your scared. And with that, bear walked past rabbit and out the front door. Bear stop to make sure they had everything they needed. Do I need a bike helmet? Bear asked. No. Said rabbit. Do I need oven mitts? Know? Said rabbit. Do I need bear repellent spray? You’re a bear. Said rabbit. After walking awhile, they came to a small stream. It looks deep. Said bear. It’s not deep, said rabbit. It looks cold. Said bear. It’s not cold. Said rabbit. It looks like it’s filled with fish who have very sharp teeth. The kind of fish would like nothing more than to nibble at the ankles of a delicious fair rabbit. Looked at her friend, asked again, bear, Are you scared? And bear applied once again, I’m not scared. Your scared. And with that, bear walked along the stream until it narrowed enough that he could step over it. There. He found rabbit who had fallen asleep waiting for him. After a bit longer, they came edge of the woods. It looks dark, said bear. It’s not dark. Said Rabbit. Looks spooky. Said bear. It’s not spooky, said RAM. And it looks like it’s full of trees that are going to fall down and Banca. So on the headset bear RAB and looked at her friend and said, bear, Are you scared? And bear replied, I’m not scared. You’re scared. And with that, bear realizing he would do anything to avoid the dark and spooky woods, walk to the road where he waited for the bus bus, pick them up and drove him all the way around the forest. When he got to the other side, he woke up rabbit once again, had fallen asleep, waiting for him. They walk some more until they came to a mountain. It looks, I said bear. It’s not high. Said rabbit. It looks slippery. Says there. It’s not slippery. Said Rabbit. Get looked like one of the rocks will fall and roll and land on my PA. Said bear, haven’t looked at her friend and just had to ask bear, Are you scared? And bear applied? I’m not scared. Your scared. And with that, bear realizing he would do anything to avoid the high and slippery man, walked to the nearest train station. The train took them halfway around the mountain to an airfield. At the airfield there bought a ticket on a helicopter that flew him to the top of the mountain and dropped them off an extra rabbit who, no surprise here, had fallen asleep. Rabbit said bear, waking her up. Should we go home? I am not going home, said rabbit. And she bounced off. With bare following behind her. After bit more walking. They found themselves at one side of a long rope bridge. There stopped. It looks rickety. Said bear. It might be a little rickety. Said Rabbit. Looks old. Said there might be pretty old. Said rabbit. It looks like the boards might break if you were heavy enough, said bear. Agreed. Rabbit. Rabbit looked at her friend and said bear, Are you scared? And bear took a deep breath and said, yes, yes, rabbit, I am scared. I was scared of the river and I was scared of the forest, and I was scared of the mountain. But I am the most scared about this long old rickety bridge. And with that, bear turned around and headed home. He marched back to the helicopter, flew him back to the airfield, then took the train back to the forest, where he got on a bus to show them to the river so he could cross where it was narrow and then trudge all the way back to his house where he crawled into bed. Rabbit, to the middle of the bridge and thought, see, this bridge isn’t dangerous, gets a good bridge. And to prove it, she started to jump up and down. And then she jumped harder. And then she jumped harder that she has ever jumped in her life. And then the board, she was jumping on cracked and rabbit fell right through the hole in the bridge. Lucky for rabbit. She had very strong ears, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to hold on forever. And because of this rabbit, for the first time in her life was scared. Now, baron rabbit hadn’t noticed. But throughout their journey, they had been followed by a small bird. Bird, realized she had to get help. So she flew as fast as she could all the way to Bear’s House, bird flu and bears window and he started chirping as loud as she could. But parents didn’t wake up because even bears who are easily scared or very heavy sleepers, bird was about to give up when she saw the bell on the door. Non bird put her head inside it and shook it as hard as she could. Here birdy out, rabbit has ball and through the bridge and needs your help. And in that moment, bear felt something he had never felt before. Courage. He was so worried about his friend that instead of staying home where it was safe, he ran out the door faster than any bear has ever run before. When Bear reach the stream, he ran right through it. Normally. I’m up to his ankles. When he came to the forest, he ran right through it. It was only three treats. And when he came to the mountain, he didn’t even think about taking a train and a helicopter. He just climbed right? Of this. Get wasn’t very high. Meanwhile, rabbit was now hanging on. With only one year. She could feel it slipping too. And just as she lost her grip, fair. Grabbed her by the year and lifted her to safety. Bear. Were you scared? Asked rabbit? And bear said, with pride and honesty, rabbit, I was scared. I was scared to said rabbit. And bear smiled and said, sometimes it’s okay to be scared. That night when they’re brushed his teeth, he didn’t hide from his reflection. He looked right at it. And do you know what he saw? A very brave bear with no food in his teeth. I wrote this book because Love bears, love rabbits. And even as a grown-up, I sometimes feel scared. And I think that’s okay. So I wanted to write a book about it, and I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for watching Storyline online. Please check out all of our other stories. Keep watching, and keep reading. (As provided by SchoolTube video transcript.)

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Suggested Grade Level: 1st – 3rd

The standards listed below are for 2nd grade but can be adapted to 1st or 3rd grade standards.

CCSS.SL.2.1, CCSS.SL.2.3, CCSS.SL.2.4, CCSS.SL.2.2, CCSS.SL.2.3, CCSS.RL.2.7, CCSS.RL2.2, CCSS.SL.2.1, CCSS.RL.2.1, and CCSS.W.2.3

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