I can’t find my school during registration / My school isn’t listed

Can’t find your school during registration? If your school is new or has changed names recently it is possible that SchoolTube needs to update our records. Please fill out the form (link below) and we will verify and add your new school within 24-48 hours. 

Click HERE to go to  the “Add My School” request form

The form in the link above can be used to add your school to the SchoolTube community. Our verification team will receive the request and run a few checks to ensure that your school is in fact not already on SchoolTube and to make sure that the school is legitimate.  This same form can also be used to add your home school to SchoolTube. 

Every registered user on SchoolTube must be associated with a school. Because of this, your school must be in our records if you would like to create an account. The link above will direct you to a form where you can request the addition of your school. Please do not fill out the form if you have not already tried to sign up and could not find your school. It is also very important to fill out all of the requested details because may schools share the same name, in some cases within miles of each other!