How to use #SchoolTubeLipDub as a Fundraiser Tool

When it comes to fundraising, be it for a club, sport, or school-wide, it can be frustrating to get students and the community excited. You can use your lip dub to drum up excitement not only for the people you are wanting to give but for students who are participating too.

Is your marching band planning to do a car wash to raise money for uniforms? Promote it with a lip dub to the song “Workin’ at the Car Wash, Yeah!”

Trying to sell yearbook ads? You could do a lip dub to your senior class song, or maybe the class song from 25 years ago to instill a sense of nostalgia.

Whatever fundraiser type or purpose, a lip dub is sure to inspire more enthusiasm from students and more donations. You can use social media and email/digital newsletters or other forms of parent communication to spread awareness. You may also want to reach out to local TV and radio stations, check out our post Community Support for #SchoolTubeLipDub for more information. SchoolTube may also feature you on our homepage if you submit an entry using the link below. The bottom line is a lip dub is a great way to increase your fundraising efforts!

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