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How to Share School News Through SchoolTube

Principals love to share their daily school news! Many support the creation of daily news shows run by students and staff, while others take on the task themselves hosting a daily school news segment by creating a selfie video. Some of these news shows are live-streamed while others are recorded and shared. Either way, a recording is created and must be shared someplace for broader, long-term access to the content. 

How to safely share their school news videos is often a question we frequently get asked by school principals. The answer is SchoolTube!

SchoolTube is a K12-focused video creation, hosting, organizing, and sharing platform that is perfect for sharing school news videos. School news producers can create a channel on SchoolTube to receive their daily news videos using our playlist and embedding tools for sharing.

A step-by-step process for sharing school news videos on SchoolTube.

Create a SchoolTube Account

First, someone needs to create a personal SchoolTube account under which the school news channel is hosted. This could be the principal, a staff member, or a teacher who manages the school news show.  Don’t worry, content and channels can be migrated to another user should the original creator change schools, retire, etc. Follow the steps in this SchoolTube Sign-on Guide to get started. 

Create your School News Channel

Next, within the SchoolTube account create a Channel under which the school videos are published. Channels can be personalized with the school name, colors, logo, etc., and shared by their URL. Watch this channel how-to video

Create a School News Playlist

This is optional but highly recommended. A playlist helps you organize and share videos.  For example, you could have a playlist by month, school year, and have an ad-hoc playlist for special videos.  Playlists can be shared by their URL and embedded into a web page. If you want to share your school news videos on your website, we highly recommend embedding the playlist into the school webpage. In this way, all you need to do is add the new video to the playlist and it is automatically shown on the school website! 

Upload your Livestream recordings to SchoolTube

As noted above, many school news shows are live-streamed, frequently on YouTube(c) and Facebook(c). Schools use these applications because they are free. Not everyone will watch the live show, so you need to host the live-stream recording somewhere for all to see long-term. Upload it to SchoolTube. In fact, we recommend creating a web page where you embed the live-stream feed and below that section, embed your SchoolTube playlist. This keeps your viewers on your site, in an ad-free environment, where they can’t get sidetracked or annoyed by “related” content. By the way, because your school news is so popular the school news web page is a great place for fundraising. 

Below are some examples of news shows from our partner, Student Television Network (STN).

2019-2020 STN Broadcast Excellence National Award Winner
Whitney High School | Taped Show

2019-2020 STN Broadcast Excellence National Award Winner
Carlsbad High School (CHSTV) | Daily Live Show

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