How to Choose a School | How to College | Crash Course

This is the second video in a series all about preparing for college. In the last video, To College or Not To College, students were provided pros and cons of going to college and alternatives to a traditional four-year university. In this video, Erica Brozovsky examines the many factors to consider when choosing a school. This is such an important video for high schoolers considering college. I was one of those kids that knew from the moment I entered my sophomore year of high school exactly what school I would go to and how my whole life would turn out. Much to my surprise, but not to anyone who knew me, things did not work out as I had planned. After a few months at my “dream school,” I quickly realized this was not a good match for me. If I had a video like this when I was in school to help me ask the right questions, not only about the school but about myself, I might have been able to avoid that disappointment. Thankfully, things worked out in the end for me and I found a great school that worked perfectly for me.

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