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How To Be Awesome at School!

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For many of us, it’s troublesome to let go of the past. Whether you are still grieving over a long-lost love or regretting life choices made years ago, we all have times when we hope that we can go back and change things. But the truth is that those days are over now, so it’s time to leave them behind and think positively about your future today.

For many people, the past endures a lot of regret and pain. While it’s essential to recognize and accept your painful experiences in life, you can’t let them control your present or future. Instead, you must learn how to put aside the past so you can move forward with a positive attitude.

Have you ever been stuck holding onto a past problem, wondering if you’ll ever pull through? The world is a fast-paced environment. It’s easy to stay bogged down by the weight of tragedy and hardship, making it challenging to move on from something that seems more significant than yourself.

Positive mind, positive actions.  Great energy out, brings great energy in. That’s the idea behind finding happiness and fulfillment in everything you do.  

I am late to work almost every day.  I don’t like my job, but I need my job and if it continues I’m going to lose my job.  I’m not lazy, I’m bored.  I want to feel fulfilled with what I’m doing.  I know I m not going to love it, but how can I change my attitude or at least my bad habit of being late all of the time?

The way you think drives the way you feel and the way you feel drives the way you behave said Coach. Once a negative attitude finds what it s looking for, it locks in. On the other hand, a positive attitude will give you a greater perspective and insight. How you feel about yourself and the joy you get from life ultimately depends on how your mind filters and interprets your everyday experiences. Whenever I become impulsive or negative, I try to refocus my thoughts by simply saying thank you. Saying thank you allows me to have an attitude of gratitude and an attitude of gratitude means making it a conscious habit to express thankfulness and appreciation for every part of our lives. When you develop an attitude of gratitude you feel happier and more positive and it allows you to see the situation more accurately and thoroughly.

As you start the school week, Hunt suggests you have an attitude of gratitude in order to increase your happiness in life and at work.