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How I Met My Monster read by Nancy Cartwright

How I Met My Monster is the spooky prequel to the award-triumphing I Need My Monster and Hey, That’s MY Monster! When Ethan discovers a note from monsters under his bed, he is confident his parents are trying to trick him into staying in bed. That’s until he sees five bright eyes blinking at him from under the bed. When they come out from underneath the bed, the little monsters compete to become Ethan’s monster. However, only the little green monster, Gabe, has an appropriate mixture of stomach-rumbling and snorting to keep Ethan in bed.

Nancy Jean Cartwright is an American voice actress. She is first-class recognized for her lengthy-running position as Bart Simpson in The Simpsons TV series. She has acquired a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance and an Annie Award for Best Voice Acting in the Field of Animation. Nancy also voices other characters, including Nelson Muntz, Ralph Wiggum, Todd Flanders, Kearney, Database, and Maggie.

Transcript, as provided from SchoolTube’s video captions:

Welcome to Storyline online, brought to you by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation. I’m Nancy Cartwright. And today I’m going to read to you how I met my monster. Written by Amanda no. He illustrated by Howard MIT William Wagner. When I reached AND the depth of my truck, I found this note will scale from the Office of Miss dizzy monsters here for final test. Z. My parents were obviously trying to trick me in this state. I didn’t believe in monsters. Cell-like. The Pell Grant grabbed my truck, zipped over to my garage. I read some Creek in rambling, but I think our house always made noises that now again, under the bed and scolded. Stop that stomach rumbling. The child will hear you. Raises. Stomach rumbling. Yes. Respond and my parents trick. It was pretty cool. Peered into the inky blackness that there’s advise bring back. C. Now he knows we’re here. The voice side, one of you was broken months to rule number one. Maintain the element of surprise. He says, no trick. I thought there are much designer my bad along that yellow minds to slip out, to follow my four little monsters. By. The yellow one in struck yet never broke the back view. I realized one must be via chat to my therapist, straight, mesmerized by the much deeper brain shuffling across my bedroom. That’s better. The teacher minds to sag access to the bed is clear. Now, who knows rule number 3? The purple minds to teetered on his ship goes and Gurgaon gets too bad. That’s correct. Gain gets, and how would you do that? Realm is, I may scale. All right, Give it to go. Ganges took a deep breath, opening his mouth, and let out a tiny stomach rumbling. We’d have a better chance of getting me and get back to that planning noise. I laughed, that these white sadness, dizzy, shaking. He said, that was not sufficiently scary. Gain guess. I’m sorry. You’re not the best monster for this child. There was some creaking as gang guess the back. Before I could investigate where gingiva, Ed Gein, nice dizzy. Ask Who wants to try to get the child into bed? The orange minds, they looked at the ceiling and the red month. Do you look at the floor? Only the green one looked at me. First, stared at my toes, and started drooling. Then he took a step toward me. I heard that rumbling noise again. I springing the bed so we couldn’t get my feet. Miss dizzy, blanked on conventional gave yours. Don’t like girdles seem to be what this child needs. Why I needed to make sure this little game mind still keep my cows, right? U3, the child is now in bed. Sadness, disease, months to knows the ultimate objective is rule number 4. Who can tell me what is the orange mind to bounced and squeaked? Correct? Morgan. And how would you accomplish that? It’s just great. The gun goes with your nose and eyes WCAG. But Miss disease, interests. Try it. Wagging. Have to add to my night table and failed her arms near my lamp. Silly shadows blob down to the mall on a cloud of fluffy verb, Jekyll, my now’s Morgan, stop. It. Misses the ordered. Suppose the scar him, not make keeps knees. I’m sorry, but you’re not a match either. Morgan’s arms flatter sides and she scuttled under my bed. There was some more creaking. A login was gone. After all that sneezing, I really move it a kiss. You suddenly a huge shadow, a green eyes, longed across my room. Sam, I thought, kind of scary. I froze in Thrace. Powerful performance gave sadness, dizzy. But do it. You see a problem? Chapter read Mindset. These out. Again. Go to Abigail, Mr. Z continued, one of you must get him back in. Let’s revisit rule number one. Maintain the element of surprise. Olig, winds and lots just vanished. Then I heard more rumbling with a hiding in my closet, making noises scare me. Now, it was only my stomach grumbling. All his excitement was made. I agree. I give go past the closet and pick out the door zone. So no monsters. Then he stepped over discreetly, stare me down to the kitchen. Outside, reached into that p.sit injury, some shattering, but I sure hope it wasn’t that tell loving gay, but I don’t clean the fridge. It wasn’t gave, it was just the Red Scare. Shivering on the south. I laughed. Nice try. Abigail. Sadness, dizzy. But this isn’t working. You’re not the right monster for this. Old. She wind. Scared me. I’m sorry, Abigail. Let’s go. Abigail clump buying this disease. When I heard the creaking or she was gone. Grab some crackers and having upstairs wondering if Gabe was gone to I miced all the way down. Then when internet 5 to brush my teeth, again, when I open the door, amine layer gave was definitely time, was right there. And I’ll sized into my room and slam the door. When I leaped into bag, I my toes, if I was surprised to hear breathing under my bag, rag and breathing stomach rumbling. Hi, good. Gay growled, going to say, yeah, I pulled my covers up tight. Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to start the evening with an ominous, but all I did go over the edge and the bad green goo spread found Leslie. Van beg quivered as game unfurled his back. This looks quite seeing Miss disease noted. When I heard similar creaking. I knew Miss disease was gone. I was alone with game. Day, loomed over my bag and began sharpening his claws on my bed post outage. So gasped. Row number five, my friend. Fateful fruit makes monsters grow. So thanks for the crack as any to reside can munch. I scrunched in my feet so gate couldn’t get then is way better than playing with syrups. Know, Kelly’s tonight. But you can have, yes, Caiaphas tossing a stuffed monster off the bad day, go for it. He’s self-confident. Know it’s filled the room as the snuff out the toy. I give, I did. Good. I think it’s just the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Monster can scare me like an idea God gave was the monster from his snow. It’s in blues, are fetched. High, yawned. And share. Again. I was in no time. I’ll tell you what I really love about this book. Amanda no. Really beautifully lays it out. A child can understand how he can not be afraid. It actually empowers him so that if something is upsetting him, he doesn’t have to let that bother him or get the best of him. It’s like these monsters that are under the bed. They’re all not so bad. And it puts him more in control of what’s going on in that environment when he’s trying to go to sleep at night. There’s nothing that beats a good story that encourages, inspires a child’s imagination. Thank you for watching Storyline online. Make sure to check out all of our stories. Keep watching, and keep reading.