How do I make my video public?

In anticipation of users having multiple channels, belonging to multiple schools and other new features, there is a slight change in the way you “publish” videos. During the upload process, after you have selected your file and entered the video details (title, tags, description) you are first required to “Save” your entry. 

Once you click “Save” you then have the opportunity to publish the video to all of the places you may have permission to publish it. In most cases, this is your school and any channels you have created. 

Step by step: 

  1. Select the file you would like to upload
  2. Enter your video’s details (Title, Tags, Description)
  3. Click Save Screen_Shot_2019-09-23_at_10.38.14_PM.png
    • After you click “Save” you may then select the “published” option.
    • Once you select “published” destinations you may publish to will appear
  4. Select the channel(s) you would like your video to be published to
  5. Select the school(s) you would like your video to be published to
    • If you want your video to be public select the “public” option for your school
    • If you only want logged in users from your school to view your video, select the “private” version of your school 
  6. Click “Save” again once you have selected all of the destinations you want to publish your video to. 

If you clicked “Save” after entering your video details and do not have the ability to select the “published” option, you may be a user effected by a bug that is set to be fixed for all effected users by October 6th. If you believe you are being effected by this bug, please submit a help request and we may be able to expedite a fix for you.