Hot Stuff – Finding Stuff Out

Heat can change things in surprising and amazing ways. When heat adds energy to an object, it can expand, it can shift from solid into liquid or liquid into gas, or it can cause a chemical change – like an explosion. And when we add heat to the atmosphere, it can change life on the entire planet! In this video, the big question is: why does heat cook food? Join Zoey as she explores this and many more questions relating to “Hot Stuff.”

Before watching this video, students could perform an experiment with cookies. My favorite experiments are the ones with yummy things! You could have students, following the scientific method, bake cookies are varying temperatures to see the results. You could always bake the cookies at home and bring them in for students to investigate rather than worry about the safety issue of young children around hot ovens.

I would make one batter, and bake for the same amount of time. I would bake lots of cookies at the recommended temperature, a few cookies at a much lower temperature, and a few cookies at a much higher temperature. (Please be safe while doing this and don’t keep baking very burnt cookies at a high temperature just to meet the time control.) I would have students explore the effects of the different temperatures on the different cookies. Then, after recording their thoughts, have a cookie party while watching this video!

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