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High School Christmas Math and Science Videos

We’ve compiled a list of math and science videos your high school students will love!  These are great to use in the classroom as an activity or to supplement your lesson plans.  They also work well for at-home learning over the break.

#1. The Math of the 12 Days of Christmas

This video illustrates the parabola created by all the gifts from the Christmas song “The 12 Days of Christmas”.  Then, it breaks down the cost for all these gifts.  It is fascinating! 

#2. The Math of the 12 Days of Christmas

No you’re not seeing double, the next video has the same title as the previous video but takes a different approach to solving the total number of gifts given by the “True Love”.  See how Pascal’s Triangle can be used to answer this question without mindless counting.

#3. The Merry Christmas Equation Explained

Challenge your students to solve this equation, then show them this video.  Who knew you could send a secret message with math?  Math is so cool!

#4. King’s College London Christmas Lectures: How Chemistry Makes Christmas Yummy

This video is a really fascinating look at the way molecules work to allow us to smell (and taste) all the delicious treats at Christmas.  How fun would it be to play this during a class Christmas party with wonderful smelling goodies!  That’s my kind of hands-on learning!

#5. Holiday Science: Rudolph’s Red Nose

This short video explains Rudolph’s nose with practical science.  Your biology class would love this one!  It is just over a minute long and is from Johns Hopkins University.

#6.  What if Santa Really Delivered Presents In One Night?

For the more realistic class, this video takes a humorous look at the challenges Santa faces every December 24th.  There is some very practical science happening, however this is not a video for any who still believe in Santa.  You’ve been warned.

BOUNS: Cozy Christmas Coffee Shop

There is no science or math in this video, but it is perfect background music.  Enjoy these cozy jazz Christmas songs as the soundtrack for your classroom, holiday party, or even in the lab.