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Hey, That’s My Monster! read by Lily Tomlin

Hey, That’s My Monster! is written by Amanda Noll, illustrated by Howard McWilliam and read by Lily Tomlin. When Ethan looks under the bed for his monster, he finds this note instead: “So long, kid. Gotta go. Someone needs me more than you do. –Gabe” How will Ethan ever get to sleep without his monster’s familiar, comforting snorts? And who could need Gabe more than Ethan does? Gabe must have gone to Ethan’s little sister’s room! She has been climbing out of bed every night to play, and obviously needs a monster to help her get to sleep – but not HIS monster! Ethan tries to help his sister find her own monster, but none are the perfect blend of cute and creepy. Just when it seems that Ethan will lose his monster forever, an uninvited, tutu-toting little monster full of frightening fun appears.


(As provided by SchoolTube video transcript.)

Standards Alignment

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

The standards listed below are for the K-2nd grades.

CCSS.SL.K.1; CCSS.SL.1.1; CCSS.SL.2.1, CCSS.SL.K.3; CCSS.SL.1.3, SL.2.3, CCSS.L.K.5.D; CCSS.L.1.5.D; CCSS.L.2.5B, CCSS.W.K.3, CCSS.W.1.3; CCSS.W.2.3,

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