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Here Comes the Garbage Barge! read by Justin Theroux

Here Comes the Garbage Barge! is written by Jonah Winter, illustrated by Red Nose Studio and read by Justin Theroux. Before everyone recycled…there was a town that had 3,168 tons of garbage and nowhere to put it. What did they do? Enter the Garbage Barge! This mostly true and completely stinky story is sure to make you say “Pee-yew!”


Welcome to Storyline online brought to you by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation. I’m just an thorough and today I will be reading. Here comes the garbage barge, written by Jonah winter and illustrated by Red Nose studio. Garbage, big heaping, stinking mounds of garbage, big bags of garbage on the sidewalk. Garbage trucks overflowing with garbage, landfills reaching up to the heavens with more and more garbage. Garbage. Garbage. Did you know that the average American makes about £4 of garbage every day? Well, while back in the town of Iceland, the average person made £7 of garbage in a day. I sub is a little town on Long Island, right near New York City. And I slip had a problem. Garbage to be exact, 3,168 tons of garbage in order to put it enter the garbage barge. See, this guy in the garbage business named gentle shuffled, came up with a brilliant plan. Garbage barge would carry the Long Island garbage down in North Carolina. Mr. strophe Leno had a friend. Joey, model. Everything is arranged. Joey told you bring we’d have garbage out, take care of. Some poor farmers will be paid to take the garbage buried on their farms. Clever. So on March 22nd, 19873,168 tons of garbage loaded up. Then a little tugboat named the break of dawn began its long journey south. Tugging the rusty old garbage barge behind the breakdown was a happy little tug. The captain and crew was Captain Duffy St. Pierre, crusty, old sale, and together they tug the garbage barge down the East Coast of America. Said the tugboat as it entered the harbor at Moorhead city, North Carolina north Carolina. Land of sand dunes and pine trees, a barbecue and mountainous basketball. Smelling something strange too old sisters who lived on the beach ran and got their binoculars. Look sadness, I’m an active or garbage in our beautiful harbor. Said Miss item active or what the hairy heck that a right. Call it long. So a police boat went out to greet the garbage barge. It wasn’t a friendly greeting. Garbage in our harbor. Or I’ve got orders too dark here and I’m going to follow him. Cry. Catan Duffy. I’m afraid you can’t deny that. Said the policemen wear me down. Said cadmium Duffy scratching his whiskers and he radioed his boss, they don’t want to garbage can. And Duffy said to geno strophe Leno worth a fellow who was supposed to move me. Hey, Joey had a little accident, said Mr. Strophe Leno, just stay put while I make a couple of goals. But the minutes turned into ours, turned into days. Just Catan Duffy with a barge full of garbage. It wasn’t much company. Finally, because just dropping the nose boys came through on the radio break deck garbage data in New Orleans. He said, I know this guy, Tony Capone. He’ll take it. Well, those saints go marching in shadow, gap. Duffy. See, New Orleans was his home town. Surely folks back home would be happy to see him. And his big load of garbage. He called as he came within view of the city, are to starboard. There are she blows. New Orleans, birthplace, jazz, how a black and red fish and music, friendly faces, streetcars, garbage. The mayor can see the garbage, but it’s way off on the horizon. News of the wandering garbage barge learning reached we’ve got enough of our own trench. He told his staff call a Coast Guard. Coast Guard arrived just in time, stop the garbage barge from making it up them I didn’t Mississippi. Machinery, timbers, moon, Captain duffy, you can’t do this to a hometown boy. Oh, yes, we can guide the Coast Guard. What could cap and Duffy say? Already then? Full speed backwards. The ordered himself. Cap and he answered. And at dusk, break it down and tired old garbage. But again, they’re sad journey back out to sea. There they were floating out in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. This is getting ridiculous. Would know one take this garbage, which by the way, was really starting to stick. Gotten Duffy radio does boss. Okay. Said geno stuff. Alina does this guy down in Mexico. He owes me a favor, goes by the name John Smith. I’ll tell him your gum and righty then cabin Duffy grumbled southward. Who? Mexico? Land of enchanted. Of Angela’s in folk art, of swaying palm trees and moonlit beaches. News of the floating garbage barge arrived before Catan Duffy as the garbage barge approach tell checkpoint it though, it was surrounded by the Mexican bias, came a voice through a loudspeaker. Happy DO, and that means get moving fast. And Spanish, these guys had guns. Qaddafi had no choice. He turned his little tugboat around and slumped across the wheel. He headed back out to see where next captain asked Mr. stressful, you know, Billy’s said Mr. Stuff Alina, it’s a country next to Mexico. I noticed guy Rico dynamical. Billy’s land as a beautiful coral reefs, tropical flowers and colorful birds. Pictures of the garbage barge bit on the local news. Gotten Duffy almost reached the dark when he saw a line of soldiers waving their arms, Congo, they shouted, roughly translated. That means forget about it. Six weeks had passed since the garbage barge, et cetera. And the garbage was getting funky. Nobody wanted and of course it was somebody else’s six-week old garbage got Duffy radioed Mr. strophe Leno. Once again. I can’t take it anymore. I quit. Okay. Okay. So Mr. Shuffle, it’ll take the garbage back to Long Island, but I got a couple of places you could try along the way. Texas, the Lone Star State, home of cowboys cacti, Cadillac and oil, black gold, they call it. The garbage barge, arrive in the harbor near Houston only to find some Texas Rangers ESP boats shaking their heads? No. Next up, Florida, the sunshine. Home of alligators, beautiful beaches, oranges. Grandparents. The garbage barge was not welcome. Bye. Now, the garbage barge was famous. It had been on TV and in the headlines of the whole papers. Comedians even told jokes. But as capnography, the break of dawn tugged into New York Harbor. They were site, kept them. Duffy, his mouth hung open. The little tugboat forgot to in the garbage barge look like the saddest and smell the smell East. All well, and we made He’s here we are back where we began gotten Duffy side as is two boats finally pulled a nice absorber. But guess what? Ice lipid seen this coming. They refused to take the garbage, and the garbage was not welcome anywhere on Long Island or New Jersey or New York City, either. For a whole summer. Catan Duffy and his little tug boat tug the garbage around New York. What else could they do? Look, my kids would say, here comes the garbage barge. As a summer days got hotter, the garbage group beyond stinky someone add to take it. They just add too. Then at last, good. No. Said geno struggling on when he radioed the tired old Captain Rockwood book that God will. Judge, don’t see. They’ve got this center. I mumbled cap and Duffy. And on September first, 1987162, days after the garbage barge had first set out, it reached its final Harper, Brooklyn, former home or the Dodgers current home of synagogues. Mosques, greasy diners, breakfast special has 3,168 tons of garbage unloaded by cranes, put on the trucks and haul do the incentives. It burned for hours. And when it was done, it only weighed 430 tonnes. Then it was hauled off and buried in a landfill in Iceland. The town had been forced by the judge to take back what was left of it, stinking garbage. Justice. The break of dawn, cap and Duffy were free to go back to New Orleans as a steered out to see people way to picture. It’s a fair when in an open sea me, RTs, crusty old captain shouted, padded the tugboat on its wheel. Together. They had traveled over 6 thousand, tagging the unloved garbage barge. It was time to go home. The end. So the moral of the story is, don’t make so much garbage guys. And if you do make garbage, don’t try and get other people to clean it up for you. All that garbage has to go somewhere. Thank you for watching Storyline online. Make sure to check out all of our stories. Keep watching, and keep reading. Good. (As provided by SchoolTube video transcript.)

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