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Henry Holton Takes The Ice Read By Ray Romano

Henry Holton’s family is obsessed with hockey. Well, everyone besides Henry. He isn’t very good at hockey and humiliates his hockey-loving family. When he sees his first figure skating performance, Henry realizes he wants to try ice dancing instead of hockey. Henry is ready to give up hockey and try the new sport, but first, he has to convince his hockey-loving family to let him.

Raymond Albert Romano is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and screenwriter. He’s recognized for his position on the CBS sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, for which he obtained an Emmy Award and the voice of Manny in the Ice Age films. He created and starred within the TNT comedy-drama Men of a Certain Age (2009–2011). From 2012 to 2015, Raymond had the role of Hank Rizzoli in the NBC series Parenthood. He co-starred in The Big Sick (2017) and portrayed mob attorney Bill Bufalino in Martin Scorsese’s film The Irishman (2019). In addition, since 2017, Raymond has represented Rick Moreweather inside the Epix series Get Shorty.

Transcript, as provided from SchoolTube’s video captions:

 Hi. Welcome to storyline online brought to you by the sag after Foundation. I’m Ray Romano and I’m going to be reading Henry Holt and takes the ice, written by Sandra Bradley and illustrated by Sarah Palacios. Henry Holt ins dad, played hockey, so did his mom, his grandfather, his uncle, all 23 of his cousins, and his big sisters. Sally, the only person in Henry’s family who didn’t play hockey was his grandmother. And that was because she’d Herder hip. Before that, she was voted MVP in the silver skates League six years running. Henry’s family was hockey mad. They were so crazy about hockey that Henry’s mom drove a Zan bonita work. And on Saturdays, Sally dress their dog Gretzky, in full hockey gear, and put them in goal. So when Henry was born, there was only one question, left-wing or right-wing? Either way, said dad by the time he’s five, he’ll be a pro, has a baby Henry, teeth than hockey pucks. And the moment he could toggle, his parents bought him a pair of skates and away he went. Henry glided effortlessly across the ice. The swished, smooshed, and swagger. He didn’t even need to hold his dad’s hand. Henry Holt and you beauty grandma Khalid from the bleachers. >> And you’re going to make one fine hockey player. >> But when dad handed Henry a stick, something didn’t feel right. Suddenly Henry’s feed, we’re in a model. By the time Henry was seven, he skated better than any Holton in history, but still he wouldn’t couldn’t hold the stick. And scaling straight up and down, the rank was downright boring. Instead, Henry twisted and turned, weaved and wound. He swayed and shuffled and ship eat. Henry’s parents were devastated. His sister was furious. Henry was madness to hockey. >> Halted, added away Valley. >> Yeah, yeah. >> Rogan game. >> And then one day it happened. Henri arrived at the RNC for free skate. And there he spied a poster on the front door. >> Prepare to be dazzled. Join the diamond pigs ICE dancing club for their 34th annual extravaganza tonight. >> Henry x, this bomb. If they could go well, he said It’s not hockey. But they went anyway and we sat in the bleachers Now for open heart pounding. The skaters below were like kites, brightly colored kites swirling and twirling and the wind, there will no sticks, no pucks, No helmets are pads, only bodies moving with the music. One little girl, the same sizes. Henry, dash down the ice, spun like a top and finished with one foot high in the air. >> It was magic, Ice magic. >> And the magic gave Henry an idea that had absolutely not nothing to do with hockey skates or different. Henry said to his mom, figure skates. Mom explained they have pigs on the front of the blades. >> That’s it said, Henry, I think tanks on the front of my blades said, let’s talk to your father. >> But when they did Henry’s that shook his head. No way. >> He said were a hockey family, Henry a hockey family. You don’t need new skates. You’ve got top of the line junior prose. >> But Dad said Henry pros don’t have pics. I stands and it’s for girls savvy chimed in. >> Henry thought about that. I don’t think so. >> He said there were lots of boys there tonight, but nobody would listen to deepen the bottom of its stomach. Henry felt a lump the size of a hockey puck. And for weeks he punched himself is top on the wind. Junior prose stayed in their bag, key cards on. >> He would not skate again until he had x. It will not scale again until he could dash down the ice, spin like a top, and finished with one foot high in the air. But Henry said, mom, you need to skate, it’s good for you. I need to dance, Henry corrected. >> Then one day, grandma came to visit. >> What would it take? She asked to get you back on the ice? Hockey player said, Henry. >> I wasn’t made for boarding and body checking. Grandma reached into her purse and pulled out a photo. Here I brought something to show you. Henry lean closed and peer at the faded picture. Wow, Henry whispered, Oishei tank. >> And suddenly Henry knew you were a figure skater grab? >> Yes. >> A long time ago. >> But when I finally picked up the lumber and landed the biscuit in the FIB Hall with a mighty slap shot. Wow. >> Now, thanks. Jess had to go. >> He could scarcely breathe. Do you still have the skates? >> That night? >> Grandma met Henry at the rink just as they had plan. She handed him discover tough skates. They weren’t meant for a boy and they were a few sizes too big, but they had pecks. >> And Henry had come prepared. >> He brought three pairs a wool socks plus all the money from his piggy bank to have the skates sharpened. When he stepped out on the ice, He’s feat felt wobbly, but he stood up straight and he skated. It wasn’t his usual skating and it was far from dancing, but it felt right away Sally yell and we ignored her. And we ignored everything except for the music and except for his feet. When the bell rang for the end of free skate, Henry ignored that TO finally the man who ran the rake blue was whistle three times and dragged Henry off the ice. Henry’s dad was waiting. Dad said Henry. Did. >> You see that? >> Yes. Henry said DAD. >> Yes, I did. >> The next day when dad got home from work, he was carrying a brand new pair of boys figure skates. They fit Henry perfectly. When they got to the RNC, a man was waiting on the ice. He were black skates just like Henrys. And he smiled when he shook Henry’s hair. Henry said, Dad, this is your coach. They’ll teach you all you need to know. >> It took Henry 69 tries before he could dash down the ice, spins top, and finished with one foot high in the air. On the 69th, tri Grandma was sitting in the bleachers. Henry hold, then you beauty, she holler. I know you’d make one fine ice dancer. >> The ED, I really love this book. >> This is one of my favorite books and you know why? Because I think everybody has a little bit of Henry in them. >> I think Henry is a kid who followed his heart. >> People wanted them to do one thing and he felt he wanted to do another. And when he did it, he was happy. >> And I think that’s what all of us can learn from this book. Follow your heart. >> Doesn’t matter what people think you should do or want you to do, you should do what makes you happy. And that’s what’s good about reading books. You can always find a little bit of yourself in there. And it could always teach you something and teach you a way to just be a happy person. >> And that’s all any of us want. Thank you for watching storyline online. >> Make sure to check out all our stories.